Cracked Eggheads Win, excited about Applebees

07-27-2005 007.jpg
The Cracked Eggheads won (impressively, I migth add, the two person team scoring 103) at the Good Dog on Thursday night, then gushed about how excited they are that an Applebees will be soon be opening right across the street. “At long last,” said Afrikaans Sampson of the Eggheads, “We get some decent food in this city. I’m so sick of going into a restaurant and not knowing exactly what the food will taste like before I eat it. Finally, I can eat something here that will taste EXACTLY the same as it tasted when I tried it in Des Moines. And there’s nothing that shows that your cooking some Grade A steak like smothering it in cheese. Mmmm-mmmm.”