Beat the Champs

quizzobowl (Custom).jpg
They are the most reviled team in quizzo, perhaps the most hated in the history of the sport. They aren’t even regulars, just a group of guys who tend to show up when there’s money on the line. They make disparaging comments about the other teams and carry themselves with a smugness that borders on conceit. One of them even accepted the loss of points during quizzo one time so he could play with his collar up! And the sick thing about it is: They can back it up. They won Quizzo Bowl, and were well on their way to winning Doc Watson’s Big $$$ Bonanza when Doc Watson’s ran out of Big $$$. They have only lost twice during regular quizzo events, and told me after each loss that it was a “fluke”. But you will have a chance to knock them off their high horse on one of the grandest stages in the city. On August 28th, 2005, you will have a chance to Beat the Champs at the World Cafe Live. And here’s the thing: they’re so confident that they will win that they told me to give the other teams points, because they’ll get bored if they don’t have a handicap. Of course, I don’t just give away points. You will have to earn them. And so, next week, I will reveal what physical challenges you will have to undertake to acquire points in your quest to Beat the Champs.