Beat the Champs begins!!!

beat-the-champs (Custom).gif
Alright gang, here’s the deal. Beat the Champs will take place on Sunday, August 28th at World Cafe Live, as YOU and your team will try to dislodge The Champs and try to take $300 in cold hard cash from them in the process. Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, but you can get started now. Here’s how it’s going to work: your team can earn points that will go toward your score at Beat the Champs by completing a number of physical challenges. You may earn up to a total of ten points, meaning that if you do, you will have a ten point lead over the Champs when the questions start flying on August 28th. You have to prove that you have completed your physical challenges by August 21st. Below are the initial challenges. There will be more as the contest continues. All photos and links to craigslist posting must be sent to All tickets must be purchased today or later (I’m not gonna take a ticket to Lucy from 2002.) Good Luck!!!

pic in front of welcome to Intercourse sign 2 points
ticket for Lucy in Margate 1.5 points
picture taken with Ben Franklin impersonator 1.5 points
picture taken inside a hot dog stand 1 point
picture of team member riding a skateboard in front of LOVE sign at Love Park 1 point
picture taken with a shark named Finley 1 point
quacker from ride the ducks minus 1 point

art museum pin
mutter museum pin
cheese steak wrapper from Pat’s or Geno’s
picture of team member taken at eagle at Wanamakers
matchbook from 5 different Stephen Starr restaurants
pic of same team member taken at both Bridge Street and at 69th st. stations
picture of 6 team members spelling out “E-A-G-L-E-S” with bodies or shirts
pressed penny from Seaport Museum
ticket to Lincoln exhibit at Constitution center
ticket to observation deck of City Hall
pic of team member inside human heart
send Johnny Goodtimes a note, criticism, etc. on craigslist (can be Missed connection, Rants and Raves, anything. You must also send Johnny a link to your note, or you will not be given credit)