Goodtimes Snubbed by Philly Style, Whines Like A little b****

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Johnny Goodtimes went blow for blow for Philly Style magazine this week, and came out, as usual, a loser. Philly Style announced it’s winners for Philly’s best personalities of 2005, and ol’ Johnny didn’t make the cut.

“Will Smith was named Philly’s best personality, even though he hasn’t lived in Philly since like 1990,” said a snivelling Goodtimes. “But it was the runners up that were particularly galling. TO and AI are acceptable. But the other two runners up were Pat Croce and Patti LaBelle. Pat Croce? 2001 Best of, sure. 2005? One of our favorite celebrities is a guy who just had a show cancelled after like a month on the air? And Patti LaBelle? Lifetime Achievement Award, sure. But Best of 2005? Who was Philly’s favorite athlete in 2005, Chuck Fusina? Come on.” Oh, come now, Little Johnny, don’t cry. I’m sure you were Philly’s sixth favorite celebrity. Oh, nevermind. I forgot about Jerry Blavat. Well, you were at least in the top 25, possibly 30.
The quizmaster responded to the snub by not attending Philly Style’s magazine’s Award Ceremony, despite the fact that he wasn’t invited. His shocking snub left many in the news indifferent, and some were even downright unaware that he even existed. In an effort to salvage a moral victory, Johnny awarded himself with a “Best Of 2005” trophy, but no-one attended the awards ceremony, and he had to snap a photo of him giving the award to himself.
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