And the Winner is…

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…going to be announced after a a few short announcements. First of all, I want to sincerely thank all seven contestants. It takes a lot of guts to get on the microphone in front of any crowd anywhere, but especially here in Philadelphia. The decisions to eliminate were tough because all seven brought something unique to the table, and were not made any easier by the fact that I sincerely liked all seven contestants. The final three had, of course, tied at Doc Watson’s last week in the voting. This time, the crowd voted one way and the judges other than myself(known only as Deep Throat 2 and Johnny Wadd, they were both on hand last night) voted another. In the end, it was a very, very close contest, but your winner of the Be the Next Johnny Goodtimes Contest is…

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Pedro Mays!!! As I said before, this was an extremely tight contest, and I really had to look at a variety of factors when I made the decision. The crowd at O’Neals last night voted for Moose, and to be honest, I thought he may have been the best out of everyone on the mic. The way he and Edge moved the crowd at the Good Dog a couple of weeks ago was awe inspiring. But I was a little nervous about the fact that he came to the Dog a bit unorganized and was unable to make it out to karaoke last week because he needed a haircut. But there were a couple of other factors that also gave the nod to Pedro. In addition to the fact that both judges liked him best, I liked his creativity. Bringing his own weekly double theme music was worth big points with me. He also came up with a couple of theme round ideas that I thought were really good, and he did the best job of stand up comedy at Finn McCool’s. Do I have any reservations about having a law student taking over? Absolutely. I hate those smarmy little bastards. But I had to look past my predjudices to make this decision.

Johnny Wadd summed it up pretty well when he told me after the judging, “I thought Moose showed the most potential, but I think Pedro would do the best job of stepping in right now and doing a full four rounds.” I was kind of inclined to agree.

As for Jam Master Sean, I thought he was a very intriguing contestant with an extremely dry wit, but I never thought he was able to fully exhibit his remarkable sense of humor on the microphone. I was also concerned with fact that despite the fact that he is supposedly “Philly’s finest” at his sport of choice, he was never able to defeat me at Rock, Paper, Scissors (I hold a 6-0 career record against him.)

And so, in the end, here’s where we stand. Pedro will man the microphone at the Good Dog tommorrow night (I have a private function). He will also take over at The Dive in South Philly on Tuesday nights. However, if he cannot for any reason perform his duties in the way that I feel is proper, or if any nude photos of him show up in Playgirl magazine, Moose and Edge will take over. I also plan on taking a trip later this summer, at which time I will have Pedro and Moose share quizzo hosting duties. If they are still available, I will also be actively looking to have Moose and Edge host at another venue regularly in the future, as the empire continues to expand. They are too talented at this to not be on the mic.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their participation in the contest, and I again want to thank everyone for taking part. Take it lite.