Where’s Johnny wins at Doc’s

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Where’s Johnny (you might recognize them from Quizzo Bowl I) ran off a perfect round four to defeat Johnny Makes Me Wanna LaLa, 113-107. The team only missed one question the entire game, that being the one about Lando Calrission. Billy Dee Williams was disappointed. “Man, those cats would have gotten that right if they had just listened to me and, instead of drinking lager, had drank Colt .45 malt liquor. How many times do I have to say this? It works every time!” Here’s the standings after two weeks of the Doc Watson’s Big $$$ Bonanza.
1. Where’s Johnny-8 points
2. Johnny Makes Me Wanna LaLa-8 points
3. The Holy Pontiffs-8 points
4. The Wanderers-3 points
5. Corner of the Bar-2 points
6. Claire Huxtable-1 point