I was really having a hard time deciding between the contestants, so I didn’t eliminate any over the weekend, and decided instead to have the crowd at Doc Watson’s help me eliminate them. So last night, each contestant did a round, and then I gave the rather sizable crowd two votes. I then gave two points for a first place vote and one point for a second place vote. And the verdict was…incredible. This is no lie. Moose got 28 points. Pedro Mays got 28 points. Jam Master Sean…got 28 points. Krystyna actaully did pretty well, finishing with 19 points. I had planned on cutting two people, but I just don’t feel like I can do it with everything being so close. Sadly, I will have to cut one. I thought Krystyna did a really nice job, and I will definitely keep her on my email list in case I head out of town, get sick, etc. But she is the fourth person eliminated from the “Be the Next johnny Goodtimes Contest.”