Tonight’s Contestant

Pedro Mays Picture (Custom).jpg
Pedro Mays will be hosting quizzo tonight at Doc Watson’s. Here’s what he learned in his first week on the job:
In my all-too-brief moment of glory, the mantle of Goodtimes
greatness draped across my shoulders, I learned that plastic
bottles are a quizmaster’s worst enemy because they can be
picked up and thrown at you several times. I learned that
despite the bravado and the loud shirts, a quizmaster is only
as good as the questions in front of him and the music he can
play at the end of a round to distract everyone if the
questions sucked. I learned that most people don’t know who
Gordon Lightfoot is, when and where Krakatoa erupted; and I
learned that I am attractive to tables of older women who are
looking for both a younger man to simultaneously nurture and
“educate,” at least according to the notes I found in my
jacket after the show. And I also learned that being
quizmaster for a round does not entitle you to get a free
round for everyone in the bar. Unfortunate.