Meet Tonight’s Contestants

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Thanks to everybody that showed at quizzo last night. O’Neals was packed to the rafters, and even during exam week, the Bards had over 45 people curious about the next JGT. Both contestants (above) did a fine job. Here’s a little bit more info about tonight’s contestants. Krystyna will be at Locust Rendezvous, and Edge and Moose will be at the Black Sheep.
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I should be the next Johnny Goodtimes because of my
love for instructional questioning and understanding
that there are such things as stupid questions! I
also love an audience. Not in that “look at me, I’m
important” kinda way, well, that too, but I have the
ability to communicate, project my words and thoughts,
and tell myself to stop when bad jokes come to mind.
This ability was discovered when I was a teacher.
Trust me, teenagers are a tough crowd, and saying
Bueller? Bueller?? was not as fulfilling as I
thought. I have great people skills and I am
considerate of drunks and floozies – thank you
McGillin’s. I am prompt and often dressed
respectably, unless you think a little leg will help.
Frankly, I want the “I was Johnny Goodtimes” on the resume
and I rock. I don’t want to take away anyone’s glory,
or become the newest Quizzo sensation. I would just like
to give it a whirl.

Every one in the city of Philly should come to ‘Moose and Edge’s Black Irish Quizzo Extravaganza’ (working Title). We are two young and exciting individuals very well aquatinted with the Philadelphia bar scene. We know lots of people just from going out that we could get to come. What’s more is that we would be the first team of black guys to host quizzo, that can appeal to all sorts of people, black white, asian, whatever and that we are not total deusch bags like some of the other guys I’ve seen hosting quizzo around the city. We are not only former champions of Goodtimes Quizzo, but have held quite impressive winning streaks at several others around the city. We would be a great addition to the JGT Quizzo Fam ya heard. Goodtimes Crew be runnin s***. Booooooom Selector. Aiiiight.