Meet Tonight’s Contestant

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This week our contestants were asked, if they could have three people over for dinner, who would they be, and why? Here is Pedro Mays response.
If I could have any three people in history over for dinner,
they would be my grandfather (my dad’s dad), John Adams, and
TV star Raven (formerly known as Raven Symone and ?Olivia
Kendall? on seasons 6-8 of ?The Cosby Show). I chose these
people not only because I admire them, I am intrigued by them,
or I think they’re just cute as a button- I also think they
would have interesting conversations of their own that I could
listen in on. My grandfather was a history buff, for instance,
and would have a lot of questions for Adams about the colonial
and Revolutionary periods. And like my grandfather, John Adams
was a blunt and assertive man who, despite his love for his
country, was an internationalist who believed in multilateral
cooperation to achieve important ends. And I know that both
would be charmed by the beautiful and winning Raven, as she
regaled us with hilarious anecdotes about zany times on the
set of ?Hangin? With Mr. Cooper,? where she played ?Nicole
Lee? in seasons 2-5.

My grandfather fought in World War II, first as a member of
the French resistance forces and then in the Canadian Army (he
met my grandmother when she was a nurse there). As a French
Jew, he always bore something of a grudge against Germany for
the rest of his days. Raven drives a Mercedes S.U.V. She also
has not, to the best of my knowledge, denounced the Nazis. But
I?m sure they would get along anyway. All Raven would have to
do is bat those long, gorgeous lashes, and recount the time she spent filming 2005’s smash hit
made-for-TV-movie ?Kim Possible: So The Drama!? Adams, he of
the strict moral posture, would pound his cane on the floor
and ask for a spoon, that he might ?chance to put the sweet
nectar to his lips that, truly, is so Raven!? And I would
stand nearby, content in the knowledge that if former president
John Adams, Sr., laid a hand on Raven, I could beat
him down. She doesn?t want you, old man. She doesn?t.