Johnny plays quizzo…so you don’t have to

On Sunday night, a buddy of mine and I decided to play quizzo. We hadn’t played since that Sunday night at McCrossen’s about a month ago. Rumor was, North Third had quizzo, so we went up there. No dice. So we motored over to Nodding Head to play quizzo with Irish John. Irish John is known for being rather salty, and he certainly didn’t disappoint in that regard, regularly inviting various players to go f*** themselves. I’ll be honest. I hated the questions. There were no american history questions, no sports questions, no geography questions, and two literature questions, neither of them being classic literature. There was no thinking through any questions to find answers. Every one was very blunt. And to be honest, most of them were questions I could really care less about learning the answer for (i.e. What’s the only Honda motorcycle that has a reverse gear?). On the bright side, the jambalaya was excellent, as are their beers. Of the three quizzoes I’ve tried other than my own, here’s how they stack up:
1. Quizzo Pat at New Wave (Monday)
2. Goofy but nice guy at McCrossen’s (Sunday)
3. Irish John at Nodding Head (Sunday)

If anybody knows where any other Sunday night quizzoes are, please let me know.