Here’s tonight’s contestant

Kry1 (Custom).jpg
Krystyna apparently thinks Christian Slater is so dreamy, he constitutes three people, so here’s her answer to what three people she would have over for dinner.
My dream dinner is mushroom pizza and beer on a shag
rug with a small dim lamp in a far corner. On the
boob tube plays Tales from the Darkside: The Movie,
and Christian Slater, my Gleaming the Cube dream boat,
is on his way with Reese’s peanut butter cups for
dessert. Christian and I reminiscence on the good ol’
days of Bones Brigade and Hosoi’s degradation with
drugs and skateboard failure. I sweetly tell my
beautiful Christian to never loose that slightly
annoying Heathers drawl. The rest of the evening is
whimsical mockings about Keanu’s future and if we’ll
see River in front of the Viper Room tonight.
Christian mutters, “His brother should really grow a
mustache” and we giggle in each others arms.