Help Out Johnny

In last year’s Best Of… edition, Philadelphia Magazine shunned quizzo, despite the fact that it is way more vintage philly than, say, who sells the best handbag. So please help me out by taking five seconds and clicking here, and nominating, um, I don’t know, whoever you think is worthy. I’ll just stand off to the side here while you place your nomination. Don’t mind me. Just pretend like I’m not even here. With an “h”. That’s Johnny with an “h”. I mean, if you decide to nominate me, be sure you spell it with an “h” so there’s less confusion. I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet now. I mean, I’m sure several quizzo hosts had a quizzo bowl this year, so any one of them would be worthy of the attention lavished on them by this publication. They probably all have a website that takes pictures of the winners and occasionally everybody else. Am I thinking out loud? I’m sorry. I’ll stop. You just go ahead and vote.