Best Burger in Philly

large_burger (Custom).jpg
Glenn Macnow of WIP recently tried to find the best burger in the Philly area. His number one place, though, was in Trenton. WTF? Monk’s and Standard Tap both made the top 10. But I think I know who has a better burger than Monk’s or the Tap. Snow White, on 19th and Chestnut, has a kick ass burger (with cheese and onions) that seems even better than it really is because every time I go in there it’s a completely surreal experience. The staff is all asian, except for one black guy they call “Chef”. They all heckle and tease each other and the regulars, and there is always at least one person in there who is at least mildly insane. The last time I was there this old man walked in and hollered, “Give me a cup of coffee, mama.” He then turned around and saw that a lady was looking at him. “Stare all you want, baby. I may be 87, but I know I’m still beautiful.” You just don’t get that at Monk’s. Besides, their buns are too damn big. Here’s the story on the world’s largest burger (15 pounds.)