Three Ball Tracy Celebrates Twinkies 75th anniversary

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Three Ball Tracy edged out the y-100 Revolutionary Army at the Good Doctor’s on Monday night, and attributed the win to Twinkies. “In order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Twinkie, I’ve eaten nothing but Twinkies for the past week,” said Payday Brickowski. “Fried Twinkies, boiled Twinkies, Twinkie soup, you name it, I’ve had it. And I think it really paid off. I felt focused and at least a little bit smarter than usual. I highly encourage small children to eat nothing but Twinkies for a week and see how they feel.” Brickowski, who said that he prayed for a victory on Sunday at Twinkiehenge (below), then encouraged everyone to check out the following website, in which various scientific experiments were performed on Twinkies.
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