The Champion Speaks

Proving once again that he has a mind much larger than a mere mortal, Johnny Goodtimes won his own freaking contest over 25 other people to claim the World Heavyweight basketball bracket title. Here’s the final standings. However, since he is barred from winning the prizes by the good people at Price Waterhouse, the awards will go as follows:

1st place-Brian Leidy wins dinner and a show of his choice at World Cafe Live.
2nd place-Joseph Hung wins a $40 gift certificate to Black Sheep
3rd place-Jake Neff wins a $25 gift certificate to O’Neals

There was actually a tie for third, but Graham “Don’t Stop Believin'” Baird failed to enter a point total for a tie breaker, and thus forfeited to Jake Neff. T.J. Gillespie put on quite a show, scoring less than half as many points as Goodtimes, and not having a single correct team in the Final Four. Want to say “Thank you” to everyone who played and I look forward to kicking your asses again next year.