Johnny tries another quizzo, so you don’t have to!

tavern (Custom).jpg
I tried a new quizzo on Sunday night, as Trivia Art and myself made the trek up to the art museum area to try it out at McCrossen’s Tavern. It was the first time I’d ever been there, and it was a pretty nice place. The wings were good. The quizzo was, well, it gets mixed reviews.

The host was nice enough and energetic enough, but the first round seemed to last forever, as he talked incessantly between questions, at one point saying, “Let me explain my stream of consciousness over those last three questions” and then, I kid you not, explained what was running though his head as he thought up the questions. Art and I had a big lead after round one The second round was similar to my wild card round, but it was done on a handout. We still had the lead after two rounds of this three round game. But it didn’t matter, because the first two rounds were entirely moot! They were worth a total of maybe 27 points, while the fourth round had a 30 point question! It was kind of interesting, though. He had a list of the top 40 grossing movies of all time, and he went around the room asking each team to name one and see if it was on the list. The more it went around the room, the more the questions were worth, and the longer it went on, the more hints he gave. Anyways, Art and I got crushed as we choked consistently during the round. Final beef: The game was supposed to start at 9:00, but he didn’t show until 9:30, and it wasn’t over until after midnight. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not always prompt, but I do always finish w/in the two hour time frame I give on the website. Artie suggested that maybe he should just drop the first two rounds, since they are essentially meaningless anyway, and only do his round robin round. If this guy could find a way to shorten his act, I might go back.