Ethics Committee Passes Controversial Legislation

The Johnny Goodtimes Ethics Committee, alarmed by what it saw at Rittenhouse Square over the weekend, reached a controversial decision on Tuesday, outlawing upturned collars at all Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Events. “We just can’t have a hallowed event such as quizzo compromised by a bunch of toolbags who, for whatever reason, want to look like 16 year old Main Liners,” said Committee member Sparky Beefcake. “Therefore we felt a need to implement this policy.” Offending players will be given one warning. If the collar remains in an upright position after the warning, the team will lose one point for each round the player carries on with this hoser fashion. They will lose an additional point if the shirt is pastel. Finally, if a player wears two shirts with the collars up, as was seen at the Park on Sunday, said player will be beaten with a metal chair.
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