Be the Next Johnny Goodtimes!

0401quizzo 005 (Custom).jpg

Well, gang, here’s your chance to make your dreams of glory and wealth a reality! Johnny Goodtimes is looking to franchise, and needs someone to host quizzo once a week on Mondays at the Dark Horse through the summer. However, Johnny cannot simply give away this prestigious position. You must show that you are mentally and physically prepared for such a demanding role. If you win, the next thing you know, you’ll be hanging out with cute gals in the stairwell of Good Dog. Or if you’re a female, there’s always the chance of a (gasp!) office romance with your boss! Not only that, but this is a paid position. $50 a week for two hours of work. $25 an hour ain’t bad. If you are interested, just click on “Contact Johnny” and send him an e-mail. The deadline to let me know you’re interested is April 22nd.