Where Snoop Stizzole his stizzyle

Just weeks after the worst cover story in the history of the printed word, PW had a really good cover story this week about Frankie Smith and the “Double Dutch Bus”. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article was the fact that Snoop stole Frankie’s Smith’s slang and called it his own.
Today, when Smith hears kids saying “izzle,” a word rapper Snoop Dogg claims to have originated, he shakes his head. He says the word “izzle” came from the pig latin slang of “Double Dutch Bus.” Smith says he thought about going to the tabloids with the story, envisioning headlines like, “GANGSTA RAPPER STEALS ‘IZZLE’ FROM ‘DOUBLE DUTCH BUS’ MAN,” but he doesn’t want to make enemies in the industry.
And after hearing the song, it is blatantly obvious. This wouldn’t be so shocking if Snoop didn’t seem like such a good Christian. Oh, and here’s your chance to see your favorite website shizzolated. (Cut and paste https://johnnygoodtimes.com)