Help a Philly Sports Hero

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Screw A.I. and T.O. In the truest sense of the word, Manute Bol is the biggest sports hero to ever come out of Philly. He gave all the money he earned in his NBA career to help his countrymen in Sudan, and the money he has made in charity events since then has been given to help orphans in Sudan. Then, in June, he was in a horrific car accident and he has been in the hospital ever since, racking up a huge hospital bill he cannot possibly pay for. Let’s show Manute why Philly sports fans are the best in the world (excluding, of course, the mental midgets who ruin it for everybody else at the Linc) . Donations can be sent to:
Manute Bol Medical and Special Needs Fund
c/o Fleet Bank
4 N. Main Street
West Hartford, Conn 06107