Johnny Moves on to isla mujeres

After a week spent in Puera Aventuras near Playa del Carmen, Johnny moved the operation to Isla Mujeres on Saturday, and I am currently housed at my buddy Drew’s house in Cancun. Drew and I used to work together back in the day at Dolphin Quest in Hawaii, so it’s been fun hanging out. The dolphin programs are insane. When I worked at DQ, the most guests any one trainer would bring into the water with them at one time was five. Here in Mexico, it’s twenty. And these trainers have to operate with two dolphins at a time, as opposed to one for me. In addition, they have eight sessions a day. Oh, and the trainers usually have one day off a week. The workload here is amazing, but these guys hardly ever complain. The staff at both places is unbelievably friendly. As for the dating situation, I actually had another date with the hot twenty year old (Let’s just call her H20). It was pretty great. Went to Senior Frog’s, and then landed at a place called Slices, where I ended up dancing with five mexican girls and partying until 3:30 a.m. with H20. So it was awesome, but I paid dearly when I had to go to a new facility the next morning and make a good first impression with like 40 people. Oh well. Anyways, things are good, but we might be getting a hurricane on Thursday night, which would be intense. Stay tuned.