Voting Has Begun! (Quizzo winner photos Below)

You’ve seen the candidates. Now it’s time to vote for who’s going to take over for Johnny. You’ll get one vote. I’ve reprinted the contestants answers to “Why do you deserve to be the next Johnny Goodtimes?” below. Here’s Johnny take on the candidates.

Trivia Art was steady, and I know from working with him in the past that he is dependable. He was also able to take the heat well when his Dotcom Boom or Bust Round became the poster child for disastrous wild card rounds, and being able to take s*** from you wolves without getting mideval is a real gift. Doug the Professor had a nice delivery, a good sense of humor, and came up with a really good true/false round, which can be tough to do. Mentioning in public that his favorite baseball team was the Yankees, however, and dedicating a round to them was not the shrewdest political move in this city. The girls came up with what I thought was the most creative wild card round, “The science of hip-hop.” Their main problem was volume, though they got a lot better at it as time went on. The Inquizzanator had a good voice and enunciated well, at least until those Brits bought him a Long Island Ice Tea at the Black Sheep. Fortunately, he made it through the round before the buzz had kicked in entirely. The crowds really liked him, but they thought his wild card rounds were a little too specialized. Bethesda and the lovely Elizabeth were undoubtedly the strangest entrants in this contest, but I thought they both had commanding voices and a good deal of confidence. Reviews on their fruit wild card round were decidedly mixed, but I thought it was pretty creative.