Newsflash! A Verdict is Reached!

7-20quizzo 010 (Custom).jpg
The Grand Inquizzator was able to hold off the two lovely young women known as Katie Sometimes and Jess Maybe in a vote last night, 35-24. The Inquizzator had a huge lead after O’Neals, but the girls made quite a comeback at the Bards. It just wasn’t quite enough. The Inquizzator will move on. But there are no losers in Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo (except for maybe the Western Omelette**), so as a consolation prize, Johnny is going to allow the two lovely young ladies to buy him a drink at a future date. “If these young ladies need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be there,” said Goodtimes, proving that he does indeed have a heart of gold. We are now down to four teams, and they will be competing over the next week. Then you, the fans, will decide who you want to be the next Johnny Goodtimes by voting on the website next week.

**I’m kidding, White Wilt. Relax.