Johnny weighs in on the contestants

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After one week, this is really still anyone’s race. No-one has emerged as the definite front runner. However, a few things are abundantly clear at this point. For one, Bethesda and the lovely Elizabeth will never be asked to run off copies again, after their disastrous performance on Tuesday left teams at the Bards with crooked papers. However, I did think their “Name that Fruit” wild card round was the most creative of the bunch. The Grand Inquizzator was steady if not spectacular, and I did like his reasons for wanting to be the next JGT. An Irishman, you have to wonder if whiskey could be his downfall. Doug the Professor’s pick of a wild card round was somewhat shocking. Like going into shark infested waters with a bad nosebleed, Doug decided to go to the Rendezvous and the Black Sheep and try out a New York Yankees wild card round. Though booed mercilessly, Doug was undeterred, and says that next week he’ll do a wild card round on his other favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. As far as wild card rounds are concerned, Trivia Art’s was, without question, the most disastrous. The True/False round has never been extremely popular, and to try to do a themed wild card round proved to be a cataclysm. Trivia Art was heckled mercilessly at both the Rendezvous and the Black Sheep, and was lucky to lose only his dignity, and not an appendage. As for the ladies, well a controversial call has brought them back into the fold. Volume was their main problem, one that must be addressed if they hope to make the most of this second chance. They were unquestionably the best looking of the group, but then again, with this bunch, that would be like being voted “Least dorky” at a Star Wars convention. Voting is set to begin late next week.