Deadline is Today! (This Week’s Stories Below)

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If you’re interested in being the next Johnny Goodtimes, you must sign up today. Thus far there are four people in the contest. Several people who have told me they’re interested have not yet signed up. Hit contact Johnny on the right and send me an email. You must be free on Tuesday thru Thursday nights for three weeks in August. The contest is open to both females and males, as well as hot, sexy shemales. The pay is pretty damn good. On Friday, you will be given your first assignment. You also need to be free to tryout at a variety of quizzos over the next two weeks. I am not sure how to spell quizzo when it’s pluralized. Quizzos or quizzoes? Judging will be determined online and by the Johnny Goodtimes Parliament (above), a group, formed in the 1740’s, that determines all decisions of this magnitude.