Perfect Game in Quizzo?

The Big Unit, who undoubtedly has the best mullet in sports, threw a perfect game last night, which raises an obvious question: Has there ever been a perfect game in Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Spectacualr history? The answer is no, though three teams have come extremely close. Easy Money, who has the all time high score of 116 (out of a possible 118), missed two questions in Rd. 1 and then never missed another question. Two teams have had perfect scores going into the final question. The Missing Heads would have had a perfect score on December 3rd at the Black Sheep, but they misspelled the city of Reykjavik by one letter. Then the Western Omelette had a perfect score through 39 questions at the Bards on Jan. 20th, but missed the question “What was the only film Jimmy Stewart ever won a Best Actor Oscar for?” The quest for Quizzo immortality continues. And while we’re on the topic of baseball, check out this site which claims that former Phillie Von Hayes is the devil.