Never the Bridesmaid

Johnny’s streak of going to weddings without hooking up with a bridesmaid reached double digits this past weekend in Virginia Beach, and he ended his Saturday night sleeping alone in a chair. “Hey, almost all the girls at the thing were taken already. I really didn’t have a chance.” Not so, says Goodtime basher Goobie Treehearne. “Johnny just has no game. That worthless knowledge rap may work with the chicks in Philly, but babes in Virginia Beach could really give a shit about who the last Whig president was.” Johnny quickly fired back. “First of all, Millard Fillmore was the last Whig president. Secondly, I’d love to know what gives Goobie the impression that the worthless knowledge rap works with chicks in Philly.” At that point, local voice of reason Kix Drummond chimed in. “Listen, Johnny Goodtimes is like a rock star, except that he’s not kool, he doesn’t have any money, and he never pulls any leg.”