We’re Number One!

Picture 010.jpg After the devastating losses of three consecutive NFC title games, Philadelphians can finally raise their heads up high again-We’re #1! We’re the ugliest people in America! Nobody, and I mean nobody, is any uglier than we are! Well, I mean you guys are. Johnny was voted by the same publication to be “sexiest quizzo host in america” (have you seen the new moustache?) We also tend to be extremely unfriendly. Well, just for that, the magazine who did this stupid survey can go f*** itself. And as far as most stylish goes, we finished near the bottom their, too. Well, I feel like I dropped the ball on that one. As Philly’s style ambassador, I feel like my winter collection was a little weak. I promise to step it up in the spring time. (P.S. The above photo captures the best of both worlds-the ugly, unfriendly jerks who kicked me out of a certain “historic” bar on New Years Day. Did you really think I was going to let that die? Did you?)