Beware My Wrath!

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I didn’t watch the Grammy’s, because they’re so stupid, but they still pissed me off. Who votes on the rap awards, Manny Mainstream? The winners were so pathetic. P. Diddy won one. Come on. P. Diddy is to hip-hop what George Bush is to the environment. Outkast is OK, but there’s no way Speakerboxx is better than The Root’s Phrenology. And while we’re speaking of lack of talent, hey Grammy’s, when you’re going to do a cover of the greatest band EVER (The Beatles), here’s an idea: How about not using Dave Matthews? I wish the Duke student cheering section would go to one of his concerts and repeatedly chant, “Over-Rated!” The reason my ex-girlfriend and I broke up was because she loved Dave Matthews, and I didn’t want to have any potential child of mine being raised around that bulls***. And Vince Gill helped cover the Beatles tune? What??? What are you going to do next year, have Al B. Sure doing a tribute to Dylan? Oh, and a quick message to my washing machine: What the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you work in the following six hours after someone either takes a shower or goes to the bathroom? There used to be enough water in this house for all of my appliances. I haven’t redirected any pipes, so what the hell happened? Way to go, Philadelphia Magazine, for putting Heather Mitts and A.J. Feeley on your cover. What an inspired choice. How come Johnny Goodtimes can’t get an ounce of ink in this one-horse town while an ex-soccer player and the guy who holds McNabb’s jock get on the cover of every magazine? Saw the movie “Miracle” on Friday night. It was pretty good, but they left out the best Herb Brooks line. With the team trailing Finland by a goal going into the third period of the final game of the ’80 Olympics, Brooks shouted at the team, “If you don’t win this one, you’re going to take it to your graves.” He began to walk out the door, then turned around, stared at his team, and yelled again. “To your f****** graves!” That’s hardcore. Barbershop 2 was the #1 movie in America. Are you kidding me? The first one sucked, and I can’t imagine the sequel being any better. If you want to bash me, please feel free, either on the message board or directly below. Oh, that’s one more thing. You people bust my chops every time I do Quizzo, but then you’re such sissies you won’t put your feelings in writing. Come on! I’m Johnny Goodtimes. Beware My Wrath!