Hard Times for Goodtimes

pressconference_custom.jpgAt a press conference on the steps of Capitol Hill, Johnny Goodtimes tearfully apologized for an error he made in last week’s Quizzo Spectacular. On the question, “True/False: Andrew Jackson was the first president born in the United States of America,” Johnny stated that the answer was true. His reasoning was that the first six presidents were born in the British colonies. However, after receiving an e-mail from angry fan Brett “The Barber” Beefcake, Johnny did more research. “Today, I regret to inform you, the fans, that an inexcusable error was made during last weeks Quizzo. Andrew Jackson was born in 1767, and Martin Van Buren was the first born after July 4, 1776. Though it did not alter last week’s standings, it is an embarrassment to me, my family, and my good friend Paris Hilton. I hope you, the fans, can forgive me,” Johnny said before breaking into uncontrollable sobbing. This has not been an easy week for Goodtimes. He was spotted twice over the weekend at Pat’s Steaks after 3 a.m. ,having obviously struck out with the ladies repeatedly over the course of both nights. Though the press conference was not seen on television here in America, it was seen on two different stations in Saskatchewan, where Johnny is very big.
conference4 (Custom).jpg