Johnny’s Bio

johnny_profile.jpgJohnny Goodtimes was born in Virginia (which is NOT the same as West Virginia), just like Thomas Jefferson and Moses Malone. In high school, Johnny played against Iverson in summer league b-ball, and rumor has it that Johnny shut him down. He received a PhD in Spermology (the study of trivia) from Quizzo A & M in 1997, and moved to Hawaii in 1998. In Hawaii, Johnny served as a dolphin trainer for a few years (seriously) before returning to the mainland. While training dolphins, Johnny learned two vital Japanese phrases. Sabadu sudu sudu (Touch softly, softly) and Iruka ha hachi chu hachi ha (The dolphin has eighty eight teeth). Goodtimes moved to Philly in October 2001. He began hosting Quizzo at Nick’s in August of 2002 after going to one and being bored to tears. The business expanded rapidly, and in October of 2004 his quizzo was named Philly’s Best by City Paper. Philly’s Quizmaster laureate occasionally does consultant work for a dolphin facility in Mexico. Johnny hates the Cowboys, eggplant, and Manyunk. Here’s a few other worthless facts about Johnny (And be sure to check out his MySpace Profile):

Favorite movies: Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, Scent of a Woman
Favorite musicians: The Roots, Johnny Cash, and Nina Simone
Favorite comedians: Steve Martin, Bill Hicks, Dave Attell
Favorite disease: Scurvy
Favorite Presidents: William Henry Harrison (I’m a big fan of any politician who dies after a month in office), Grover Cleveland (Two non-consecutive terms; what’s not to like?)
Hottest actresses: Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Chambers

Least favorite movies: Zoolander, Twister
Least favorite musicians: Celine Dion, P. Diddy, all modern country music
Least favorite comedians: Marguaret Cho, Sinbad
Least favorite disease: Lumbago
Least favorite presidents: George W. Bush, George Bush, Sr.
Overrated actresses: Kirsten Dunst, Liv Tyler, Julia Roberts