French Fry Thursday Tonight


We kick it off at Industry, where we’ll have $5 White Russians and a couple of rounds inspired by the Big Lebowski (wanna study? I’ll give a hint about tonight’s quiz: Steve Buscemi.) Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. French Fry Faceoff and Name That TUne. On to the Bards at 9 p.m. for more of the same. We have raised $1000 so far for the Dude Hates Cancer. Let’s raise a few more hundred tonight!

Question of the Week


In the movie Big Lebowski, Walter famously screams, “This is what happens when you f*** a stranger in the ass.” When the film was edited for Comedy Central, what did that line become?

JGTSI Scores After 6 Weeks


Here ya go, our scores with three weeks left to go in the regular season. Get your team together this week and get some points on the scoreboard!

Last Week’s Scores



First Place: Popesack 114

2nd Place: Careless Fister 114

3rd Place: Ruben Amaro Fire Sale 98



First Place: Jitney Spears 118

2nd Place: Ruben Amaro is My Best Friend 117

3rd Will and the harrisons 101



First Place: Exhausted Nihilists 109

2nd Place: Hooter and Chuff 108

3rd Place: New and Improved Nickname 97


First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 124

2nd Place: Shadynasty 111

3rd Place: Underground 94


First Place: The Champs 111

2nd Place: #1 Government Team Competitor 104

3rd Place: Polandia 80



First Place: Duane’s World 122

2nd Place: Jitney Spears 112

3rd Place: Blazing Sea Nuggets 100


First Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 107

2nd Place: Why Can’t Us 97

3rd Place: Exhausted Nihilists 94


First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 106

2nd Place: Serbian Donkey Kong 92

3rd Place: But My Mom Says I’m Cool 83

Quizzo at the Oval on Saturday


Gonna be back at the Eakins Oval on Saturday (and each of the next few Saturdays) with an all new quiz. Last week’s theme was summer, and was won by Keepin It Clean¬†(above). This week’s theme will be Philadelphia. Had a HUGE turnout last week. Expecting another good one tomorrow. It’s worth checking out the beer garden. Really a cool spot to hang out. Action starts at 4 p.m.

The Dude Hates Cancer Week Next Week!


Hey gang, Quizzo for the Cause returns next week as we raise funds for The Dude Hates Cancer. If you love the Big Lebowski and hate cancer, then next week is gonna be a great one. We’ll have raffles, White Russians, and a round on the Big Leobowski at each quiz (though NOT an entire Lebowski quiz). If you’ve never seen the Big Lebowski, this weekend is the perfect time to do so. One of the best movies ever. All of the funds we raise will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Look forward to seeing you next week!

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Question of the Week

d3497dd0c203d6e315fe2494eb4fe78dWhat women’s baseball team was founded in Philadelphia in 1922, and took an ill-fated tour of Japan in 1925?

JGTSI Scores After 5 Weeks


Here are your scores after 5 weeks. We’re now in the thick of it. Five weeks down, four to go. Still time to get your team in the mix, but you better do it soon if you want to earn an invite to the Big Event on August 24th.

Your best chances to win are once again at bars where I’m giving double points again this week. O’Neals and Industry. And remember, you can play twice in a week. I do one quiz for Monday-Tuesday and another for Wednesday-Thursday. So you’ve got two chances per week to get on the board. I’m also gonna post more trivia on the facebook page this week.

Pics and Scores of Last Week’s Winners

Oh good Lord. I posted these on Monday but accidentally set them to private. These aren’t this week’s scores, they are last week’s scores. (Smacks forehead)



First Place: Inkspot 102

2nd Place: Popesack 100

3rd Place: Stillmaniacs 98



First Place; SIdecardigans 104

2nd Place: In the Lead 99

3rd Place: Jitney Spears 97



First Place: Savage Ear 121

2nd Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 114

3rd Place: Encyclopedophiles 101



First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 119

2nd Place: Gangsta Brown 107

3rd Place: The Nerds Who’ve Won 14 Weeks in a Row 104



First Place: #1 Government Team Competitor 95

2nd Place: Synchronized Trampoline 82

3rd Place: Crabbies 79



First Place: Duane’s World 106

2nd Place: Einstein 99

3rd Place: Not My CHild, Not My Problem 94



First Place: Exhausted Nihilists 114

2nd Place: Ukrainian Airlines 88

3rd Place: Why Can’t Us 86



First Place: Revenge of the Decorative Plates 101

2nd Place: Serbian Donkey Cheese 91

3rd Place: Jesters of Tortuga 90

Allagash Beer Tasting, Presentation by CSN’s Sarah Baicker Next Friday


We’ve got a great event going down next Friday at Shibe Sports. We’re gonna kick it off with a beer tasting by the lovely Ginger, who is now a rep for Allagash. While enjoying some of their awesome beers (for free, you cheap bastards¬†frugal consumers!), Comcast Sportsnet reporter Sarah Baicker will talk about being a woman in a male dominated profession, and also about a pretty fascinating team that used to call Philly home in the 1920s, the Philadelphia Bobbies. We’ll also be unveiling our new Reggie White shirt at the event. Beer starts pouring at 6 p.m. Hope to see you there!

JGT to Host Quizzo at the Oval on Saturday


The Eakins Oval is going to have a bunch of fun activities going on this summer, including quizzo, which I’ll be hosting Saturday at 4 p.m. There’s a beer garden, Philly’s best food trucks, and a reggae band after the quiz! And yes, you can earn JGTSI points at the quiz. Hope to see ya there!

Double Points at French Fry Thursday Tonight!


Oh what the hell, let’s give away a ton of points tonight. In addition to our normal insanity with French Fry Thursday and Name That Tune for Candy, we’re gonna go double points at both venues. A terrific chance for your squad to get up high on the JGTSI scoreboard. First of all, the Industry is probably the most winnable quiz on the scene, with no dominant team. Action starts at 6:30 p.m. Terrific burgers and $3 craft brews. Secondly, there are rumors that the Jesters of Tortuga will not be playing tonight at the Bards, so that makes it anybody’s ballgame. $3 Lagers. Action starts at 9 p.m. And this is a different quiz than the one on Monday and Tuesday, so if you played then, you are welcome to play again. Let’s rock the house tonight. Boom!

Question of the Week

Charles Trenet

This French artist wrote “La Mer”. Years later, Bobby Darin would change some of the lyrics and make it “Beyond the Sea”. Who was the French artist who, legend has it, wrote the song in ten minutes?

JGTSI Scores After Four Weeks


Here are the scores after 4 weeks of the JGTSI. A few things worth noting:

-this week at O’Neals will be a double points week. 10 points for winning, 6 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd. A lot of parity at O’Neals, so a great chance to earn points.

-your other best shot to get a win? Probably Industry. Pretty much a different winning team every week.

-I will also be posting trivia questions on the JGT Quizzo Facebook page for points.

-The Big Event will be held on August 24th. So there are 4 more weeks of the regular season and then a wild card week before the big event. Still time to make a move but you better make sure your team gets on the board this week.