Quizzo News and Notes

Quite a bit going on right now in Quizzo land, so here’s a few updates:

Tonight at 6 PM, we’ll be playing with some new quizzo technology and discussing the film Goodfellas. Wanna join in the fun? Sign up here.

Tonight at 7:30, we’ll be looking at all of our playoff scenarios with two weeks to go in the season, discussing which teams we think could win it all, and letting you know about our next Quizzo season. Tune in on Facebook.

This coming week I’ll be sending out my monthly VIP Quizzo Insiders Deluxe (VIPQID for short) email. It will have ALL of the news that’s fit to print in the quizzo world. If you wanna join that list, just sign up here (Team captains are already on it).

Yes we will have the bonus quiz we promised at the start of the season. Details on that coming tonight on the Big Show.

Got a loved one with a birthday coming up and don’t feel comfortable getting a bunch of people together in the same room? Let us know, and we’ll make a fun virtual quiz to honor their big day amongst friends and family, all for a reasonable rate.

I’m pretty highly active on twitter, so be sure to follow me there if you can stand it. Trying to get back into posting on IG, so follow me there too.

Yes, I have started reaching out to some places regarding outdoor quizzes this spring. I’ll keep you updated.

OK, be sure to sign up for the VIP email and I’ll have lots more to tell you about soon. Cheers-JGT

2nd Half Topics

We spun the wheel with your suggestions last night on Facebook, and above is what we came up with. We also took a look at our standings halfway through the Winter Warz and talked about which teams we expect to make a second half surge. Oh, and we had a visit from Bobby the 38% French and German, which Johanna of Lambda said was “incredibly stupid but kind of funny” which I think might be our new company tagline.

J. Michael’s Movie Club

We had a blast at last week’s Movie Club and Quiz. Here’s how it works: we all watch Goodfellas at some point over the next three weeks (it’s currently on Netflix). We meet up on February 28th on Zoom. Each person takes a short online quiz about the film with the latest in Johnny Goodtimes technology. Then we’ll go around and chat about the film, what you liked, what you didn’t. If you’re interested in joining the club, go ahead and sign up here (it’s a single person deal, not a team deal). It’s totally free, just a fun add-on for Winter Warz players. Hope to see ya on the 28th!

Friday Five: February 5, 2021

Every Friday, I share local places I’ve eaten, great things I’ve read, the best watering holes I’ve visited and great local music I’ve been listening to. Sign up for the JGT mailing list to get them direct to your inbox. In the meantime, check out a couple of this week’s five below.


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Super Sunday Quizzo!

Just because we can’t party in person on this great national holiday doesn’t mean we can’t party together. I’ll be asking all questions about the Big Game: from the most memorable plays to the best (and worst) halftime shows to the funniest commercials. Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention all these years.

And as an added bonus, Mike “Real” Major, one of our quizmasters and a longtime industry vet is going to teach us how to make a couple of Super Cocktails…one inspired by Kansas City and one inspired by Tampa. As soon as you buy your ticket we’ll send you a list of ingredients needed to be ready to make your drinks on Sunday. Tickets are $35 per team and can be purchased here. Hope to see you Sunday!

Shibe Super Squares

We’re going to have some fun with Super Bowl squares this year, and we’re going to raise money for a terrific cause. Here’s how it works: It’s $10 a square, payable on venmo to @jgtquizzo (or $jgtquizzo on Cashapp or johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com on paypal…and please put “Sharks pool” in the notes). After we get 100 squares filled in, we’ll randomly assign numbers. At the end of each quarter, the last two numbers of the score will determine our winner (for instance, if the score is 14-7 Chiefs after the first quarter, whoever has the Chiefs 4 and the Bucs 7 will be our winner.). That person will win an Eagles bundle, including our Vet stadium shirt, our Holcomb winter hat, a pair of Eagles socks, a pack of vintage football cards, AND we’re going to throw in a Philly Word Art poster, making this a $115 value. Whoever gets the numbers for the FINAL score will win this beautiful Mitchell and Ness sweater jacket.   

100% of the money raised in these squares will go to the South Philly Sigma Nu Sharks football program. Started in 1992 by the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, the Sharks service over 400 youth between the ages of 5 and 14. The program offers numerous football leagues, a basketball leagues, and offers tutoring services. They are hoping to purchase tackling and blocking sleds in an effort to reduce live contact in practice as part of their concussion prevention efforts, and $1000 will go a long ways towards that effort. So join us in raising money for a great program and a great cause!

To sign up, just go here, enter your info, and pick a box (you can pick up to 3 at $10 a box). Takes like 15 seconds. Once we get to 100 boxes filled, we’ll draw the numbers for the boxes. Good luck!  

And if you want to check out any of our other Eagles gear, this week only it’s ALL 30% off. Click here and use the checkout code eagles30

Topics for the Next Four Weeks

Hey gang, we’re not going to unveil what the topics are each week for Winter Warz BUT I did tell you guys last week that I’d post the remaining topics, in no particular order. So here ya go, these are the topics for the next four weeks. What topics do you want to see for the second five weeks? Let us know on our Facebook page.

  • Latin America
  • Before & After
  • Colors
  • Academy Awards
  • World Religion
  • Obscure Sports
  • Arizona
  • Horror Films
  • African American Culture & History
  • Casual restaurants chains
  • South Pacific
  • Snakes

J. Michael’s Movie Club

Excited to start something new this season! Our quizmaster J Michael is a huge movie buff, and so we’re gonna put together a little movie club and see who wants to hang out. Here’s how it will work, we’ll pick a new movie each month, get together at the end of the month, take sort of a mini-quiz about the film, and then have a group discussion. Our first film is gonna be Mank. It’s the story of the making of Citizen Kane. Is it movie geeky? Yes. Are we geeks? That is correct. We’ll be doing a short quiz (got some new trivia tech to test out for it too) about the film and then having a discussion, led by our resident movie geek JMD. It’ll go down on January 31st at 6 PM. If you wanna join us, just sign up here so we can send you the zoom link. Looking forward to it. This is gonna be fun!

Everything You Need to Know About Winter Warz

WHO: 60 teams playing for the Winter Warz title.

WHAT: Our 4th online season since last spring, the Winter Warz.

WHEN: January 4th-March 21st

WHERE: On Zoom.

WHY: Why not? We’ve had a ton of fun these past few months, and 98% of the teams we had for the Winter Warz are back (plus a few new teams.)

CAN WE STILL GET OUR TEAM IN? Yep! We’re at 56 teams signed up and we’ve got room for 4 more before we cap it at 60.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It’s $450, which I know looks like a lot but when you break it down over 12 games and over 8 players, comes out to less than $5 per game per person for 40 minutes of quizzo. So less than a beer to play quizzo at the bar.

IS IT FUN? Well 48 out of the 50 teams that played in the Fall Brawl are back for the Winter Warz, so I think that’s a pretty good indication that it’s pretty damn fun. It’s a lot like fantasy football, except that you’re actually playing in the game. Well, playing a trivia game, not a football game.

WHAT’S NEW: Well one thing that’s new is J Michael’s movie club, where we’ll watch one movie during each of the next three months and get together for a) a short quiz about that film and b) a discussion of the film, led by our cinephile quizmaster. We’ll spin the wheel to reveal the first film tonight during our preseason show.

PRESEASON SHOW? Yes, as those of you who have played with us in the past know, every few weeks the quizmasters get together to go LIVE on facebook and discuss our rankings and standings. We kick it off tonight at 6 PM on the JGT Quizzo Facebook page.

WHAT ELSE: We’re also introducing the Midseason Classic, where we’ll randomize our teams, so folks get a chance to know some of the people they’ve been playing against this past year.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Just go here and enter your team info, go here and enter your slot on the schedule, and pay half of your dues to @jgtquizzo on venmo. And voila, you’re in! Hope to see ya this season!

Enter Your Winter Warz Schedule for the Season!

Signed up for Winter Warz yet? If not, go here and sign up. Will take about 20 seconds. No money due until January 2nd.

Dunno what exactly Winter Warz is? Go here to find out.

Once you’re signed up, then you can enter your schedule for the full 10 week season. We kick off with our pregame show on Sunday, followed by the season starting next Monday. Can’t wait! Lots of fun stuff on tap for the next few months!

Christmas Questions

Here ya go, folks, a few questions from our Christmas quiz this past weekend. (Click Page 2 below to see the rest of the quiz). Happy holidays, everyone!


1. Robert Herjavic invested in a company called Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank in 2013. What do they sell?
2. What figure in alpine folklore that helps Santa by scaring bad children became better known in 2015 with the reslease of a horror film about it?
3. What’s the name of the plaza in Die Hard?
4. What Italian word is on the box the leg lamp comes in in A Christmas Story?
5. On the Office episode “Christmas Party”, what did Pam trade an ipod for?
6. What feast do Southern Italians often partake in on Christmas Eve?
7. In the 1969 Christmas episode of the Brady Bunch, the kids ask Santa to cure their mom of what?
8. In what city did the movie Bad Santa take place?