Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at Lo Spiedo at 5:30. On to the Vous at 6:15. And we wrap it up at Founding Fathers at 8:30. An all new quiz. See ya tonight!

Question of the Week


Born in Philadelphia on June 27th, 1913, this pool player once sank 526 shots in a row in 1954, still the official world record. Who was he?

Pics and Scores of This Week’s Winners



  1. There’s No I in Cavaliers 98
  2. 50/50 Shot 92
  3. Glass Bottom Boats 89


  1. Jawn of the Dead 103
  2. Fabulous Thundercocks 78
  3. Jerk and a Squirt 76


  1. Jesters of Tortuga 116
  2. Inkspot 100
  3. A Croc Ate My Baby 95


  1. Teflon Don, Esquire 97
  2. Quiz Teama Aguilera 96
  3. It’s a Small Swamp After All 91


  1. Mighty Morphin Quizzo Rangers 78
  2. The Crustiest Socks 76
  3. Schmecosave 62



  1. Pee Wee Was Framed 105
  2. #1 Government Competitor 91
  3. Show Me Your Kitties 85



  1. Duane’s World 114
  2. Who’s On Turd 113
  3. Chelsea/Ivanka 2016 113



  1. Imaginary Pablo 98
  2. Beard Tears 94
  3. Stayngland 93



  1.  European for 2 More Hours 103
  2. Blue barracudas 100
  3. Jeff 86

Quizzo Tonight


Alright, final night of Week 3 of the JGTSI. Two great chances to get a win, and an interesting quiz that resulted in a huge upset at the Vous last night. We start at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Drink specials, great food, great service. You know the deal. On to the Bards at 9:15. A little slower these days now that the kids are gone, but we’ve still been rocking and rolling. Let’s do it again tonight!

Pics and Scores of Last Weeks Winners



  1. In the Lead 118
  2. Tempura House 113
  3. Motor City of Brotherly Love 110


  1. Jacobites for Destruction 120
  2. Bottom of the Order 116
  3. Bag of Chips 106



  1. Jawn of the Dead 103
  2. Moose Knuckle Cameo 92
  3. Jerk and a Squirt 85


  1. Uncle Fester’s Children 109
  2. Fraid Not 105
  3. My Sister is a B***h 100



  1. Underground Bard 110
  2. Teflon Don 102
  3. Ukraine in the Membrane 99


  1. Stumpmunchers 90
  2. Still Waiting on that Beer 80
  3. Fred’s Mini What 73


  1. Just My 1.5 Cents 112
  2. Electric Mayhem 95
  3. Honeybadgers 89


  1. Duane’s World 126
  2. Jitney Spears 109
  3. Who’s On Turd 99



  1. Cracked Eggheads 104
  2. Popesack 92
  3. Beard Tears 90



  1. The CGA 113
  2. Jeff 96
  3. LeBron Likes Ecuador 82

Quizzo Tonight


We start at Lo Spiedo at 5:30 p.m., where guest host Slick Joe Moore will be filling in for Carl B Sure. I would go there to host myself but I know you savages at the Rendezvous would eat Slick Joe alive. You’re animals! But I still love ya, so come out to quizzo tonight at the Vous. I’ll be there.

Just gonna do one quiz after all. None of the teams who play twice a week showed early in the week so I’m gonna just do one quiz and spend the afternoon posting last weeks scores (I had jury duty Monday so I’m running a bit behind this week.)

On to Founding Fathers at 8:30 p.m. You know how we do. Hope to see ya tonight!

The pic above is of Galileo. On this date in 1633, he was forced by the Holy Office in Rome to take back his theory that the Sun was the center of the universe. He had pissed off the Pope, and so he had been called to Rome to defend himself. He was forced to recant the belief in heliocentrism. But like a 7th grader being reprimanded for something that he knew was bullshit, he muttered under his breath what he really thought. After he was forced to recant his heliocentric belief, Galileo quietly but audibly uttered, “And yet it moves.” (Though not in English of course.) He was put on house arrest, which he remained under for the rest of his life.

The painting is done by Justus Sustermans. He was the Medici court painter and considered the finest painter in Italy.


Quizzo Tonight


Alright, tonight we’ve got special guest host Jim Grammond hosting at O’Neals. Action starts at 8 p.m. Great place to get a win.

I will be hosting at Alla Spina. Such a great venue. Really looking forward to it. Action also starts at 8 p.m.

And we wrap it up under the stars at Tap House. We keep getting great nights for the quiz. Really fun doing it outdoors, and $175 worth of prizes to give away. See ya tonight!

As for the pic above, it’s Banjo Lesson by Henry Ossawa Tanner, who was born on June 21st, 1859 in Pittsburgh, and who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Game of Thrones Brunch Quiz This Sunday!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 4.05.00 PM

Hold the door! I’m hosting a Game of Thrones quiz this Sunday! Make note that it will be at Logan Square Tap House, not Tap House in UCity. Brunch starts at 11 am. The quiz starts at 1 p.m. It will be primarily concerned with the show but a few books questions may find their way in. Gonna be a lot of fun. Spread the word to your fellow GoT fans.

Question of the Week

The beat for the song Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince is sampled almost entirely from the 1974 song Summer Madness by what group?

Standard Quiz This Week


Alright, after a couple of themed weeks, we’re back to some good old fashioned general trivia. (though I would expect a “summer” round or two this week.) Action starts tonight at Sidecar at 9:30 p.m. Two quizzes this week, so teams can play twice.

It’s week 3 of the JGTSI so scores after two weeks will be posted tomorrow. There is a new Facebook challenge posted today as well! You can earn up to 5 points in the JGTSI this week on Facebook.

Lots more excitement in store for the summer. Details coming soon.


Medical Quizzo Wraps Up Tonight

Dr. Mudd

Tonight is your last chance to play the medical quizzo, so make it happen. Very fun quiz. Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Missed you guys last week, so let’s get back together tonight and regale ourselves in laughter and cheer.

We wrap up our week at the Bards at 9:15 p.m.

As for the pic above, it’s of Samuel Mudd, an answer to a question earlier this week. When John Wilkes Booth leapt from the booth after shooting Lincoln, he broke his leg. Knowing Dr. Mudd from a meeting the two had had a few months earlier, he and his fellow conspirator David Herold made their way to Mudd’s Maryland farm. Mudd splinted the leg and had his neighbor make a crutch for it. Mudd then waited 24 hours before contacting the authorities, enough time to allow Booth and Herold to get far away.

He was tried as a conspirator, but unlike the others, was not hung. He instead was sentenced to life in prison. But because he had a connected lawyer, he was released four years later. His family tried to have his record expunged in the 20th century, but was denied by Presidents Carter and Reagan, though Reagan did saw that he thought Mudd was innocent of any wrongdoing. There is a myth that the phrase “Your name is mud” comes from Dr. Mudd, but that is not the case; the term has been in circulation since at least 1823.

All New Quiz Tonight

We’re dropping an all new medical quiz tonight. Action starts at Lo Spiedo at 5:30 PM, as Carl B Sure hosts. Going to be an absolutely beautiful evening to quiz outdoors.

I’ll be hosting at the Vous at 6:15 p.m. Tiny crowd last week (It was a pretty slow week all around, I think in part due to Beer Week). This is a great opportunity to get a win.

And we wrap it up at Founding Fathers at 8:30. Hope to see ya tonight!

As for the video above, we had a question last week about “What beer mascot had the real name Honey Tree Evil Eye?” The answer was Spuds McKenzie, and after watching a couple of those old Spuds commercials for the first time in 28 years, I gotta say: they were really freaking stupid. Maybe we’ve just gotten so used to people talking to animals or something, but man, there is just nothing funny or even slightly interesting about those commercials. It seems like the ad guy just had no clue what he was gonna say when he went into the meeting.

“OK, so it’s gonna be like a regular Bud Lite commercial, except instead of a good looking guy that girls like, it’s going to be a, um, a…oh I know! A dog!”

“OK, and then what happens?”

“He, uh, wears an Aloha shirt! And sunglasses! On a dog! Get it?”

“No I don’t. But go on.”

“And, um, he rides on a skateboard. And, like, there’s pretty women saying that he’s a party animal.”

“So what’s the point?”

“Well. That’s a good question. I guess it’s that, you know, if you want to be a dog, you should drink Bud Lite.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“No sir, no it doesn’t.”

“But let’s do it anyway.”

“What, are you serious?”

Medical Quiz Continues with Plenty of Quizzes Tonight

Lots of action on the agenda tonight. We start at the Markets at Comcast at 5:30 p.m. Always a fun BYO quiz. Everyone who plays gets $5 at the market, and there a lot of great food choices.

On to Alla Spina at 8 p.m. with Carl B. Sure. Had a great turnout last week. Let’s do it again. $2 off drafts and deep dish pizza.

I’ll be at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $3.50 margaritas. $50 gift cert for the winners, $100 if they can top 120 points.

And we wrap it up at City Tap House. Been having a great time with these outdoor quizzes, and looks like another great night tonight. See ya outside!

Oh, and I included the commercial from last week’s question of the week. Because it truly is amazing.

Question of the Week


On January 23, 1849, she became the first woman to achieve a medical degree in the United States. Who was she?