Pics of This Week’s Winners



  1. Motor City of Brotherly Love 112
  2. Trump U Alumni Association 104
  3. In the Lead 101



  1. Jawn of the Dead 114
  2. Hooter and Chuff 114
  3. Jerk and a Squirt 105



  1. 3 Inches Gone But Not Forgotten 111
  2. Fraid Not 95
  3. 3 Heads are Better Than Nine 86



  1. Teflon Don 115
  2. Underground Bard 112
  3. I Drink Therefore I Am 107



  1. Harambeghazi 101
  2. Chucky R La 93
  3. The Killer Watts 83


  1. JNJ 89
  2. #1 Government Team Competitor 79
  3. Synchronized Trampoline 79


  1. Duane’s World 103
  2. Ryan Lochte’s Brazilian Bonanaza 101
  3. Lochte’s Alibi 99


  1. Why Can’t Us
  2. Hufflepuff Ride or Die 78
  3. Three HEads are Better Than Nine 76



  1. You Can Lead a Horticulture But You Can’t Make Her Drink 115
  2. Jesters of Tortuga 100
  3. Donald Trump’s Hair 86

Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. On to Bards at 9:15. Interesting wild card round. See ya tonight!

High Drama and Double OT at the JGTSI


It was a dark and stormy night. Inside Alla Spina, 15 teams were going head to head to determine our 7th Annual Summer Invite champion. Among the teams were perennial powerhouses Duane’s World, Jesters of Tortuga, and JGTSPI champs The CGA. There were also several teams making their first majors appearance, including Fraid Not, Putin on the Ritz, and Teflon Don.

Things got interesting in Round Two, as we had a “Name that Candle Scent” round (funny that so many teams missed “unscented”). Round Four was a music round that stumped plenty of good teams, and headed into the final round, there was the potential for the biggest upset in a Major of all time…the Industry house team held the lead after 4 rounds, though Duane’s World was nipping at their heels.


But in round 5, Imaginary Pablo and the Goat, 12 down when the round began, scored 50 of a possible 55 points, and an insanely tight contest finished with them tied with Duane’s World atop the leaderboard at 126, with CGA falling by a single point, and Tempura House falling by a mere two points for the 2nd straight time in an invitational.

So we went into overtime. We had had a John Mayer question in the music round, so our question was, “How old is John Mayer?” Imaginary Pablo guessed 39. Duane’s World guessed 37. He’s 38. On to double OT. Our double OT question was “What is the population of Hawaii?” Duane’s World guessed 1.7 mill. Imaginary Pablo guess 1.5. The correct answer was 1.4, and we had a winner. Imaginary Pablo had won their first major.

In addition to the trivia, we also had three terrific sets from Riley O’Reilly and No One You Know. (We officially changed the band name midway through the event.) A very fun night all around. Thanks everyone for coming out. Scores are below.

  1. Imaginary Pablo 126
  2. Duane’s World 126
  3. CGA 125
  4. Tempura House 124
  5. Putin on the Ritz 121
  6. Teflon Don 120
  7. Specific Schmur 118
  8. There’s No I in 16th Place 117
  9. Cracked Eggheads of Death 116
  10. Fraid Not 114
  11. Something About Anna’s Pussycat 114
  12. Jesters of Tortuga 113
  13. Synchronized Trampoline 109
  14. Jitney Spears 93
  15. Beard Tears 88


Question of the Week


This man studied exhaustively for 6 years to produce 17th century art forgeries; he sold numerous fake masterpieces for millions, most famously Supper at Emmaus. His fakes are now worth a fortune. Who was he?

RSVPs for Sunday Updated


Here is where we stand as of today for Sundays big event. Shoot me a line as soon as you can get your team together. It’s gonna be a fun night.


  • Duane’s World
  • There’s No I in Iceland
  • Jitney Spears
  • Teflon Don
  • Imaginary Pablo
  • Tempura House
  • CGA
  • Hooter and Chuff
  • Fraid Not
  • Putin on the Ritz
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • Beard Tears
  • Must Love Pogs
  • Anna Watches Stranger Things
  • Shades of Death


  • In the Lead
  • Jawn of the Dead
  • Cracked Eggheads


  • Underground Bard
  • #1 Government Team Competitor
  • Jacobites of Destruction

Pics of This Week’s Winners



  1. In the Lead 84
  2. Inside Out 84
  3. Motor City 80




  1. Putin on the Ritz 106
  2. 3 Heads are Better than 9 97
  3. Fraid Not 85
  4. 50 Free Hours of AOL 85




  1. Specific Schmurs 117
  2. Jawn of the Dead 97
  3. Jerk and a Squirt 88



  1. Underground Bard 118
  2. Particles in Her Box 91
  3. I Drink, Therefore I am 75




  1. Penetrate with Caution 111
  2. Pass the Bottle 100
  3. Deb M-S 75



  1. Shades of Death 114
  2. Synch Tramp 110
  3. Honeybadgers 100



  1. Tempura House 112
  2. Why Can’t Us 102
  3. We Was Robbed. Just Kidding 99


  1. Must Love Pogs 117
  2. Quizzed My pants 97
  3. Prestige Worldwide 82

3 Simple Ideas That Will Make the Olympics 100 Times Better

It’s been a fun Olympics, from watching Phelps swim to Bolt run to American swimmers in brawls at gas stations. But there are ways to make it even better. And a big part of that is getting rid of a bunch of worthless shit events in the Olympics and replacing them with things that are cool. I mean, seriously, an some 60 year old hedge fund manager from London who can make his sailboat go fast gets the same medal that Bolt and Phelps get? Ridiculous. Somebody who makes a horse stand still gets a gold medal? Absurd. Here then, are some sports, that should be taken out and what they should be replaced with.

TAKE OUT-Sailing. Nobody cares. Seriously.

PUT IN-Breakdancing. Have you ever been to Battery Park and not seen a crowd gather around the breakdancers? People love breakdancing, and those dudes are sure as hell athletes (unlike sailors. Sailors!) This came to me when watching the floor routine the other night. Some moves very similar to breakdancing, but breakdancing has much better music.

TAKE OUT-Dressage. Good Lord. Nothing more captivating on TV than watching a horse not move.

PUT IN- Horse diving. Who wouldn’t watch this?

414987266_90688993f7_bTAKE OUT- Golf. I mean, seriously, why did they add this? “Gee whiz, what could we do to make the Olympics more boring? Oh I know, we’ll add golf!”

PUT IN- American Football. Now we can settle it once and for all: who’s better at football, us or Equatorial Guinea?

I am pretty sure that 100% of you agree with all of those points above. Because they’re right.


Franklin Field Shirt Now on Sale at Shibe


Great new shirt at Shibe I think some of you guys will be interested in. The new Franklin Field shirt just got released yesterday and it’s terrific. The design was done by Philly artist Jon Billett. As with all order on the site, you can get free shipping by using the code “quizzo”.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to join us on Facebook and follow us on twitter and instagram. A lot of cool stuff on there.

Quizzo Tonight

Alright, none of our typical twice-a-weekers played earlier this week, and I gotta start preparing for Sunday, so only one quiz this week. It’s a good one. Action starts at Lo Spiedo at 5:30 p.m., as Carl B Sure hosts on what is a rare decent day outside in this swampy summer. On to the Vous at 6:15 p.m. You know what it is.  Hope to see ya tonight!

UPDATE: Gotta cancel at Founding Fathers tonight. Their electric is out. Bummer. Hope you guys can play tmrw at Industry (or if you arrive early, the Bards).

Quizzo Tonight

We got a wild card team in last night. Can your team join the mix tonight? Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m., where I’ll be hosting. Carl B Sure hosts at Alla Spina at 8 p.m. as well. On to City Tap House at 10:15, where we’ll be under the stars. Some great opportunities to get a win and, with it, an invite. Hope to see ya tonight!

Previous Winners and Venues of the JGTSI

Here are the teams who have won the JGTSI title previously. Is this your summer to reign supreme?

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.54.10 PM

Question of the Week


What game show host was married to Betty White from 1963 until his death in 1981?

Wild Card Week Starts Tonight

Action starts at Sidecar tonight at 9:30. Jitney will not be there tonight, so it’s anybody’s ballgame. If you are on the outside looking in, this is a great shot of getting a win. Hope to see ya tonight!

No One You Know to Perform at JGTSI This Sunday

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Excited about the band I snagged for the JGTSI this year. A local folk band called No One You Know, you can check out their latest album here.  Great stuff. You’re gonna enjoy these guys.

Here are our final scores…invites went out this morning, and teams in orange have already RSVPd. Teams in yellow have received invites (except for Teflon Don, I need an email address for you guys). Teams in black have declined their invites and record of their achievements have been destroyed and we will move forward as if they never existed.

If you didn’t make the cut, there’s still hope! This is wild card week, and any team winning this week gets an automatic invite. (Will 2-time JGTSI winners Popesack get in via wildcard this week?)

It’s gonna be a great show at a great bar. Excited to do it at Alla Spina.  Action will start at 5:30.