Quizzo Debuts at Lo Spiedo Tonight!

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A new quiz added to the empire! Brawhahahahaha! Lo Spiedo at the Navy Yard will start a quiz tonight at 5:30 p.m. Plenty of parking, an outdoor quiz, and happy hour specials running until 6:30. Hosted by Carl B Sure. Hope you can make it out!

And plenty of fun at our regular quizzes tonight as well. Action starts at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15. On to Founding Fathers at 8:30. See ya tonight!

Pics of Last Week’s Winners



  1. Sidecardigans 84



  1. Bill Nighy the Science Guighy 118
  2. Jawn of the Dead 112
  3. Expensive Toilet 103


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 6.11.30 PM

  1. Putin on the Ritz 98
  2. Party of 5 87
  3. What Happened to Your Finger? 85



  1. Teflon Don 94
  2. I Drink Therefore I Am 88
  3. Particles in Her Box 58


  1. Synch Tramp 118
  2. Honeybadgers 101
  3. I Love My New Penis 90



  1. Ukraine in the Membrane 109
  2. Duane’s World 104
  3. Jitney Spears 90



  1. Why Can’t Us 98
  2. Uh Oh the Baby’s Awake 92
  3. Wildcat Furry 92


  1. Jesters of Tortuga 118
  2. CGA 107
  3. A Team Has No Name 94

Quizzo Tonight

Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $50 gift cert for the winner, $100 if you can top 120 points. Some teams have come close, but nobody’s pulled it off for a while.

Meanwhile, Carl will be holding court at Alla Spina. Action starts at 8 p.m. Just an awesome venue. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and do so.

And we wrap it up at City Tap House at 10:15 p.m. WE WILL BE DOING OUR FIRST OUTDOOR QUIZ TONIGHT! Hope to see you then.

Oh and happy 75th birthday to Bob Dylan! Hmmmm, I wonder if that will work itself into tonight’s quiz?

JGTs Latest Adventures in Podcasting


Here’s the latest episode, and it’s very funny. We discuss Hillary and Donald Trump undergoing a Trial by Fire, we use the word “defenestration” as much as humanly possible, and we get in a huge argument over whether it’s considered cheating if you make out with someone in a different decade after traveling through time. And if you haven’t listened yet, you may want to check out last week’s episode, where Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to Nat the Truth at Madison Square Garden, and Nat’s wife isn’t invited to the party.

And Sixers fans, should the Sixers draft Simmons or Brandon Ingram? Should they trade Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor? And which is a bigger violation at a baseball game: cowboy boots or flip flops? We discuss on the latest Jawnville podcast. 

Question of the Week


Bonnie and Clyde were assisted in much of their crime spree by Clyde’s brother Buck and his wife. Who was she?

(We talked quite a bit about Bonnie and Clyde, including whether or not our wives would get mad if we travelled through time and made out with Bonnie, in our latest podcast.)

Quizzo Tonight

One quiz tonight: Sidecar at 9:30. One of my favorite places to do the quiz. Hope to see ya there. We’ve also got a new quiz starting this week at Lo Spiedo on Wednesday. Just a heads up. I’ll have a lot more details soon.

This week, I’m gonna be featuring videos made by my buddy Steve Gerben. This guy is just terrific. Check out his amazing book review of Why Nations Fail above and you’ll see why.  

Quizzo and Handsome Boy Modeling School

Action starts at Industry at 6:30 p.m. Interesting quiz that led to a major upset at Founding Fathers last night, as Duane’s World fell to Ukraine in the Membrane. On to Bards at 9:15. Hope to see you tonight.

As for today’s song, it’s The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School. HBMS was a collaboration of one of my favorite producers of all time, Prince Paul, who gave us the amazing De la Soul album Three Feet High and Rising, and Dan the Automator, a classically trained violinist turned hip-hop producer who did the insane Dr Octagon album. The two albums the duo released (So…How’s Your Girl and White People) were both wonderfully strange and unlike anything else, and featured artists of all genres performing on them. Jack Johnson, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Cat Power, RZA, and Mike Patton of Faith No More were among the artists featured on the two albums. Just really cool stuff. Today’s song is performed by Roisin Murphy, an Irish singer I had never heard of before hearing her here, and J-Live, a highly critically acclaimed if not particularly commercially successful high school English teacher at the time the song was released. For this particular song, the Handsome Boy Modeling School did little more than bring the unlikely duo together: the beat was already done, a catchy jazz tune called Coffee Cold by Canadian composer Galt McDermot. You may have heard the name before: he composed the music for Hair.

Quizzo Tonight

None of the regular twice a week quizzers showed up earlier this week, and I like the early week quiz and think it might stump some of our perennial champions, so only gonna do one quiz this week.

Action starts at Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. On to Founding Fathers at 8:30 p.m.

As for today’s music pick, it’s Philly’s own Vinnie Paz, formerly of the Jedi Mind Tricks. This is one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Just a beautiful, heartfelt ode to a man who was obviously incredibly important in Vinnie’s life. Well worth a listen.

Quizzo Tonight and Arthur Crudup

You know the dilly. We start it off at O’Neals at 8 p.m. $50 gift cert for the winners. $100 if you can top 120 points. Will be damn impressive if you do. This proved to be a tough (but fun) quiz last night.

Carl will be back at Alla Spina tonight as well. Action starts at 8 p.m.

And we wrap it up tonight at City Tap House. Probably gonna be quiet now that the kids have blown town. Could be a good chance to get a win and a $100 gift cert.

As for today’s music, it’s Arthur Big Boy Crudup, probably the most famous person to ever live in my hometown of Nassawadox, VA. A renowned blues singer, he most certainly had the blues for real: he bounced between Mississippi and Virginia, working on the farm when he wasn’t recording. In his later years, he worked quite a bit on my grandad’s farm.

He was robbed of his rightful royalties by numerous record companies, and never received either the money or acclaim he deserved.

You may never have heard of him, but you’ve definitely heard some of his songs: That’s Alright Mama was covered by Elvis and became the first single ever recorded. Elvis was a huge fan, once saying, “If I had any ambition, it was to be as good as Arthru Crudup.” Crudup also wrote and recorded My Baby Left Me, which Elvis and CCR covered, and So Glad You’re Mine, also covered by Elvis. If you’re a fan of the blues, check out this album he did with Jimmy Dawkins and Willie Big Eyes Smith. (And no, Crudup won’t be on tonight’s quiz. Just wanted to start throwing in some good music to give these posts a bit more life)

Question of the Week

What female evangelist founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in 1923, then disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1926?

Quizzo Tonight

First of all, a shoutout to CGA who won a thriller last night at the Invitational. More details on that soon. In the meantime, I will be at Sidecar tonight at 9:30 p.m. You know how we do it. All new quiz.

I also wanna get into the habit of posting some underrated tunes I dig when I write these nightly promos. I really enjoy the music portion of the gig, and I wanna share some of the tunes I enjoy on the site as well, just to give some life to these posts. These songs won’t usually be a part of that week’s quiz, just trying to introduce you guys to some new tunes.

Today’s song is What’s Up Fatlip? I love songs that are so damn honest they will break your heart. This is one of those songs. Fatlip was part of the Pharcyde, a group that completely blew the world away in the early 90s with the song “Passing Me By” and the groundbreaking album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. But the group fell apart in the late 90s and Fatlip tried to go solo. In 2000, he released this song, and followed up with a solo album in 2005. Neither the song nor the album got the attention they deserved. The video is great too, directed by Spike Jones. Pretty much the opposite of every rap video that came out at the time. Just great stuff all around.

The 6th Annual JGTSpI is Tonight! Here Are the Details

springviteHere are the details about tonight’s Event:

WHEN: 5:30 PM

WHERE: Field House 1150 Filbert

WHY: Teams have been earning points over the past two months, and hereby get to compete for $400 worth of prizes, including $200 for first and $100 for 2nd. We’ll also be giving away a ukelele.

WHAT? You heard me. Courtesy of South Street Sounds.

IS THERE LIVE MUSIC? Not only live music between rounds, but there will be a live audio music round.

UH-OH, A MUSIC ROUND? THIS SOUNDS LIKE JGT WILL BE RAPPING: What? Nothing could could be farther from the truth.

WHAT IF WE DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT? CAN MY TEAM STILL PLAY? I have room for one more team to play if anybody wants to hop on last minute. Just shoot me a line at johnny @ johnnygoodtimes.com.


  • Duane’s World
  • Popesack
  • Inkspot
  • Feel the Bern
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • CGA
  • Tempura House
  • Motor City
  • Jesters of Tortuga
  • There’s No I in Quizzo 

RSVPs on the JGTSpI


Here are the teams that are confirmed for Sunday (which, as you saw below, will now be held at Field House).


  • Duane’s World
  • In the Lead
  • Inkspot
  • Feel the Bern
  • Synchronized Trampoline
  • CGA
  • Imaginary Pablo
  • Tempura House
  • Motor City
  • Jesters of Tortuga


  • Jawn of the Dead
  • Fred Bassett
  • Teflon Don
  • Honeybadgers
  • I Drink Therefore I Am
  • There’s No I in Quizzo
  • Quizzard of Oz
  • Who’s On Turd


Change of Venue for JGTSpI

place_4234I’m going to send out a message to all the teams to make sure everyone knows, but in the meantime I’m posting it here. There has been a venue change for the JGTSpI on Sunday. Sadly, the weather is not cooperating. With 59 degrees I thought we’d be OK, but 59 degrees with 20 mile an hour winds on the water sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. A tough situation, but fortunately, our friends at the Field House were able to fit us in. So the event will be at the Field House, same time, 5:30 p.m. Same prizes, same band, and the best news is that we can now fit more people. So a couple of bubble teams will get in as well. They always take good care of us so I’m sure there will be some food and drink specials. Hope to see you there!