Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

Red Dong

Red Dong (formerly Core-entine) was born out of one of those now-classic Zoom miscommunications. During a 2nd round name-the-movie question, someone said “Red Dawn,” which got misunderstood as “Red Dong” — final answer. Luckily, Chip allowed it (thank you, Chip!) and suggested it be our new team name. And so, this anticlimactic re-branding gave birth … Continue reading Red Dong

Sofa Kingdom

The only trivia team to be the subject of a documentary, Sofa Kingdom has dominated the Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo universe for years. A regular participant at The Bards, Sofa Kingdom has won five Quizzo Bowls, two Geek Bowls, and more overall quizzes than any team in JGT quizzo history (though I suspect Duane’s World is … Continue reading Sofa Kingdom

Super Spreaders

The Super Spreaders hope to upset the Philadelphia Quizzo scene like a Covid-19 positive mouth breathing uncovered cougher coming to your secret backyard BBQ. Do they have what it takes? Does our government? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, take cover when you see the Super Spreaders coming. Bars Repped Back in the … Continue reading Super Spreaders

Sweet Hats

Sweet Hats are mostly now-retired members of AMP, a Philadelphia club mixed ultimate team. Bars Repped We played at City Tap House when we all lived in West Philadelphia, though sometimes the Bards, Founding Fathers and at Sidecar. We’re now calling in from Chicago, Maryland, Lafayette Hill, Conshohocken, Ardmore, Kensington and Fishtown. Players Dan Melanie Jen Ben … Continue reading Sweet Hats

Testes Factory

The majority of us have been friends since high school (or earlier) in Marlton, NJ and our romantic partners have joined the team along the way. The “Testes Factory” refers to a South Jersey standardized testing facility (aka a Testing Factory) but with Testes added for flair. A couple of our team members were employed … Continue reading Testes Factory

Texas City Players Club

The Texas City Players Club (formerly Non-Sporting Class) team is led by their captain April. The other founding player is her brother Bob and the other players on the team, Jen, Steph, Mike, and Bernard, (and sometimes Paul), are awesome people that April and Bob have somehow convinced to spend time listening to them fight … Continue reading Texas City Players Club

There’s No I in Quizzo

“There’s no I” is an annually updated team with some connection to the UPenn Psychology department who have been playing in Philadelphia for a decade.  The original team name — There’s no I in Quizzo — came to be modified each week with some word or phrase, always with one I, replacing the word Quizzo … Continue reading There’s No I in Quizzo

Together Alone

Jeff and Michele met at Penn State in the early 2000’s and have been married for almost 10 years. Jen was in Michele’s sorority at Penn State and Trevor is a good friend of Jeff’s from Penn State as well. Tag is the oddball in not being from Penn State – he is the stray … Continue reading Together Alone

Ukraine in the Membrane

Ukraine in the Membrane have been the scrappy, up-and-coming quizzo darlings of Philadelphia since 2011…and they still have yet to arrive. Originally repping Tap House as college students, they’ve since established roots at Dock Street South. Despite having never won any major title nor really succeeded in any measurable way, they manage to put up … Continue reading Ukraine in the Membrane

Underground Bard

Underground Bard

Originally founded by members of the late, lamented theater troupe, The Underground Shakespeare Company, Underground Bard has been quietly dominating the Quzzio scene since 2012! A fixture of City Tap House before they kicked Johnny to the curb, where they were despised by Penn students who couldn’t get a win. Over the years, team mates … Continue reading Underground Bard

Yacht Rock

The roots of the team go back to when two of the team were in kindergarten together, and then another member came to the same school in 6th grade. Captain Bob also brought in a college roommate as well as a former coworker into the fold. Add in some spouses to round out the team … Continue reading Yacht Rock

Zodiac Killer$

In the 60s and 70s, the Bay Area and beyond was shaken by a series of mysterious murders committed by someone known only as the Zodiac Killer. Despite sending letters detailing his heinous acts, the Zodiac Killer was never identified and thus, never caught. Some have speculated that he fled the West Coast entirely and … Continue reading Zodiac Killer$

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