Queso Regionalé

Formerly the known as the Social Fistancers, but after our Week 1 debacle we’re Queso Regionalé from here on out. Some are friends from growing up, some from college, two have been dating for a couple years Bars Repped We used to play at Sidecar, now occasionally Founding Fathers Players Andrew, Kristian, Connor, Joe, Kyle … Continue reading Queso Regionalé

Quizteama Aguilera

Formerly Expired Walmart Meat, we are a tangled web of siblings, college buddies (George Washington University repreSENT), and neighbors. We are anchored in Philly but brought in a ringer from Atlanta to round out the team. Bars Repped Fitler Club baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Players Brian (understudy), Dan, Danya, Jordan, Jorge, Lana, Michelle, Shana, & Trey Claims to … Continue reading Quizteama Aguilera


Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

REO Quizzwagon

We are Wisconsin natives from a large family who have just moved into our first apartment in Chicago, and are savoring our first taste of privacy when a hitherto-unknown cousin from a Mediterranean island, Mypos, arrives intending to move in with us. Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

Sofa Kingdom

The only trivia team to be the subject of a documentary, Sofa Kingdom has dominated the Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo universe for years. A regular participant at The Bards, Sofa Kingdom has won five Quizzo Bowls, two Geek Bowls, and more overall quizzes than any team in JGT quizzo history (though I suspect Duane’s World is … Continue reading Sofa Kingdom

Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers

Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers (formerly Red Dong, formerly Core-entine) came together as a bunch of Penn grads turned NYers hoping to relive the Quizzo of our college “glory” days from the basements of our parents’ suburban homes. Bars Repped With our Quizzo experience originating at the bars of University City (City Tap House, … Continue reading Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers

Super Spreaders

The Super Spreaders hope to upset the Philadelphia Quizzo scene like a Covid-19 positive mouth breathing uncovered cougher coming to your secret backyard BBQ. Do they have what it takes? Does our government? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, take cover when you see the Super Spreaders coming. Bars Repped Back in the … Continue reading Super Spreaders

Sweet Hats

Sweet Hats are mostly now-retired members of AMP, a Philadelphia club mixed ultimate team. Bars Repped We played at City Tap House when we all lived in West Philadelphia, though sometimes the Bards, Founding Fathers and at Sidecar. We’re now calling in from Chicago, Maryland, Lafayette Hill, Conshohocken, Ardmore, Kensington and Fishtown. Players Dan Melanie Jen Ben … Continue reading Sweet Hats

Testes Factory

The majority of us have been friends since high school (or earlier) in Marlton, NJ and our romantic partners have joined the team along the way. The “Testes Factory” refers to a South Jersey standardized testing facility (aka a Testing Factory) but with Testes added for flair. A couple of our team members were employed … Continue reading Testes Factory

Texas City Players Club

The Texas City Players Club (formerly Non-Sporting Class) team is led by their captain April. The other founding player is her brother Bob and the other players on the team, Jen, Steph, Mike, Laura, Greg, and (sometimes) Bernard, are awesome people that April and Bob have somehow convinced to spend time listening to them fight … Continue reading Texas City Players Club

There’s No I in Quizzo

“There’s no I” is an annually updated team with some connection to the UPenn Psychology department who have been playing in Philadelphia for a decade.  The original team name — There’s no I in Quizzo — came to be modified each week with some word or phrase, always with one I, replacing the word Quizzo … Continue reading There’s No I in Quizzo

Together Alone

Jeff and Michele met at Penn State in the early 2000’s and have been married for almost 10 years. Jen was in Michele’s sorority at Penn State and Trevor is a good friend of Jeff’s from Penn State as well. Tag is the oddball in not being from Penn State – he is the stray … Continue reading Together Alone

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