Lambda Lambda Lambda

Lambda Lambda Lambda (our current lineup) is made up of 4 members of the only Quizzo Bowl three-peat squad (Dave Brown, Jay O’Connor, AJ “I’m from Fishtown you F***n loser” Thomson, and Steve Odabashian – all-time record holder on VH1’s Name That Video and $50,000 winner on Who wants to be a millionaire.) During our … Continue reading Lambda Lambda Lambda

Lamination Station

A shadowy cabal of rouge government scienctists on Earth calling themselves the Enclave sought to engineer a team of perfect quizzo competitors to dominate the global trivia scene and thus the world. Unfortunately due to a combination of funding issues, coding errors, and an errant grape skittle all the Enclave got was us. Nevertheless, after … Continue reading Lamination Station

Mad Princes

The Mad Princes were once leaders of the quizzo world, regularly dominating at City Tap House as part of Underground Bard. As the erstwhile brothers Kurt and Jim began to focus on their growing micro-brewery, Mad Princes Brewing, Underground Bard became a rotating cast of characters. Now with quarantine freeing up everyone’s evenings, the team … Continue reading Mad Princes

Meat Sweats

Maura is married to Keanan and siblings with Colin. Colin is married to Maggie. Maggie is friends with Brian, Harry, and Katie because they all play soccer with Maura, Keanan, and Colin (Birnbaum’s Hardware FC – you’ve probably heard of us). Bencella (affectionately known as Queen B) used to play soccer with Hardware until Maura … Continue reading Meat Sweats

Missing Heads

We met in an MRI lab at Penn It was a sub-basement lab that formerly housed the swimming pool for a Nursing School dormitory, and there were occasional sightings of ghostly figures resembling Esther Williams. We started playing Quizzo regularly with Johnny in the early 2000s. Taking written exams in dark rooms seemed like a … Continue reading Missing Heads

Missing Wuhan Scientists

Sometimes known as “Cowboys, Cowgirls and an Indian”First 4 of us work together, all lawyersPam is my neighbor – and a pop culture savantNext 3 work together, in a top secret location, for the US governmentWe basically connected 2 groups Craig is my nephew. Bars Repped Jerzees in GlensideWhen the Pittsburgh crew comes to town … Continue reading Missing Wuhan Scientists

Not Last Place

Not Last Place is the aspirational team name of 8 lost souls, with the one common bond of a love of useless facts. We found each other in a variety of ways: some are connected by blood, some met through the terrible life choice of becoming a lawyer, others made the slightly-less terrible choice to … Continue reading Not Last Place

OK Doomers

OK Doomers are 5/6 a book club and 1/3 a movie club, and really great at math. Bars Repped What are bars? Players Stacey, Ria, Nick, Jeff, Melissa, and Greg Claims to Fame What is fame?

Pearls of Wisdom

Our parents are friends (embarrassing right?) They grew up spending summers in Longport (aka the Pearl and name inspiration). They continued the tradition with their kids (us) and forced us to be friends…basically so they didn’t have to make new ones. We are siblings, cousins, unwilling significant others, and after many summers together—a second family … Continue reading Pearls of Wisdom

Pop Fit Studio

Team captains Christine and Pat met at a trivia night about 10 years ago at Gallaghers (which no longer exists). Christine thought Pat was a know it all and in fact he does know it all. They later married, moved the suburbs, had a baby and opened Pop Fit Studio in Havertown. Bars Repped Players … Continue reading Pop Fit Studio

Queso Regionalé

Formerly the known as the Social Fistancers, but after our Week 1 debacle we’re Queso Regionalé from here on out. Some are friends from growing up, some from college, two have been dating for a couple years Bars Repped We used to play at Sidecar, now occasionally Founding Fathers Players Andrew, Kristian, Connor, Joe, Kyle … Continue reading Queso Regionalé


Bars Repped Players Claims to Fame

Sofa Kingdom

The only trivia team to be the subject of a documentary, Sofa Kingdom has dominated the Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo universe for years. A regular participant at The Bards, Sofa Kingdom has won five Quizzo Bowls, two Geek Bowls, and more overall quizzes than any team in JGT quizzo history (though I suspect Duane’s World is … Continue reading Sofa Kingdom

Super Spreaders

The Super Spreaders hope to upset the Philadelphia Quizzo scene like a Covid-19 positive mouth breathing uncovered cougher coming to your secret backyard BBQ. Do they have what it takes? Does our government? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, take cover when you see the Super Spreaders coming. Bars Repped Back in the … Continue reading Super Spreaders

Sweet Hats

Sweet Hats are mostly now-retired members of AMP, a Philadelphia club mixed ultimate team. Bars Repped We played at City Tap House when we all lived in West Philadelphia, though sometimes the Bards, Founding Fathers and at Sidecar. We’re now calling in from Chicago, Maryland, Lafayette Hill, Conshohocken, Ardmore, Kensington and Fishtown. Players Dan Melanie Jen Ben … Continue reading Sweet Hats

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