Johnny and Ginger Solve Another Mystery!

I don’t even know why we claim that we solve mysteries. I guess the mystery this time was, “What were the Centennial Cafe and the Laurel Hill Cemetery like?” Anyhow, the Centennial Cafe really did have a great breakfast, and yes, Ginger really did not feel comfortable in the graveyard, but she pulled through. The people at the Centennial Cafe were wonderful, but the people who worked at the cemetery were kind of weird and not very friendly. The only guy that was nice to us got chewed out by his boss for answering our questions. If you go, just keep to yourself. Anyhow, if you want to learn more about the Laurel Hill Cemetery, click here. To learn more about the history of the Centennial Cafe, click here. And if you have any mysteries you need solved, let us know!

PREVIOUSLY: Johnny and Ginger solve the Mystery of the Basement Hole.

Johnny and Ginger go into a creepy underground tunnel.

Johnny and Ginger Solve the Mystery of the Basement Hole!!!

You may remember that a few weeks ago, when I was hunting for a strange cat in my basement, I came across an even stranger hole. I finally got around to investigating it on Sunday, with Ginger there to help me out. If you have a mystery that needs to be solved, or just have a basement, shoot me a line and Ginger and I will come investigate. I am totally serious. We’re looking for more mysteries. And this one, how did it turn out? Did we find dead bodies? Did we find treasure? Watch the video to find out.