14 thoughts on “Quizzo News and Notes

  1. are Bob T and Quizmistress Chris just the same person, the difference being with or without their meds?

  2. I was enjoying the war movie quiz until it told me that Saving Private Ryan won Best Picture, which it most certainly did not.

    1. Memo to Dark Horse John: Thank you so much for your two insulting comments in that previous post, which has since moved off the page. These are just the latest in a continuing series of insults which you have thrown my way. Apparently, you are not aware that there are actually people in the world who don't agree with all of your opinions. You also seem to be unaware that it is generally considered to be within the rights of these other people to not agree with you in every particular. At least you act that way, since every comment from me seems to throw you into a shit fit.

      I am pleased for your sake that you seem to have overcome your problems with alcohol and have achieved sobriety. Congratulations are certainly in order. I am not so pleased, however, that you seem to find it necessary to take out your obvious manifest frustrations and continuing rage on me. In short, you are what the recovery folks refer to as a “dry drunk.” Perhaps I should just take your continuing abuse in stride and figure that it's all in a good cause– your sobriety. I don't think though that I wish to do that. I don't plan to be your whipping boy, asshole. I also suggest to you that it might be in your best interests from a psychological and health perspective to find another way to deal with your “dry drunk” frustrations.

      Several suggestions that might help:

      1. You could take up an exercise program, perhaps start walking or jogging. This would no doubt relieve someof that “dry drunk” type stress. You would lose that sexy 275 pound or so fat fuck figure of yours, but that would be a small price to pay.

      2. You could invite some of those friends of yours who share your liberal politics to your place for a good old fashioned circle jerk. I would suggest PalestraJon and BMT. You could sit around and compliment each other on your intelligence and correct thinking while playing with each other. Masturabation whether alone or with others is a well known way to relieve stress. Whether you take up the liberal circle jerk suggestion or not, you should probably further increase your self-abuse. Your rage against a perfect stranger for disagreeing with you would seem to indicate that you should really further ramp up your masturbation to an even higher level.

      Whatever you choose to do, asshole, be assured you have my continuing esteem and best wishes.

      1. Bob, or should I call you the “Kettle Black”, an 11 p.m. rant about another post is a prime example of uncontrollable rage. I often let you have 2 or 3 rants after I make my last point since (1) you will always insist on having the last word (usually prefaced by “This will be the last thing I say”), (2) you always deal in personal invective and never fact, and most importantly (3) who cares what you say—you're an obnoxious twit. Still, you had your say and just couldn't control yourself—you had to bring that thread onto the front page so someone in this world has notice of your miserable existence. Congratulations. Asshole.

        And by the way, at age 52, my best Circle Jerk years are sadly behind me.

        1. All I have to do to refute your charge that I “always deal in personal invective rather than fact” is to refer you to our recent exchange of several days ago in which I post several long arguments about Obama, national security and other matters. They are long on argumentation and very short on invective. Some sarcasm perhaps. Some use of the word “idiotic” perhaps, but I generally tag this adjective to ideas rather than persons. Like the pathological asshole below– and I will make a very clear exception to the invective thing for him– you can not deal rationally with the fact that someone somewhere in the world does not agree with your opinionas and worldview. You will make charges such as it is impossible to have a “substantive” discussion with me, but then you want to debate manifest absurdities, absurdities along the lines of (1)only Republicans believe stupid things and never Democrats, or (2) George Bush and anyone who doesn't hate him is evil or greedy or stupid. These are not “substantive” issues. They are nothing more than your uninformed and rather hateful prejudices.

          And no sensible, rational person comparing my posts to Dark Horse John's over the last few days would have any doubts as to who is the rational thinker and who is the one dealing in hate and invective. Sorry, but you are wrong once again.

      2. Oh, man, this is fantastic!

        I can FINALLY cross “get psychoanalyzed by a pathetic anencephalic horsefucker” off my to-do list.

        Man, I thought I'd never clear that one. As ever, Bob, I am in your debt. I will repay it in my usual way: after I fuck your mother in the ass with an acid-coated dildo, I will leave an extra twenty on the dresser.

  3. Wow! And PalestraJon talks about my rage. Now the pathological asshole is throwing insults at my mother. She died last year, but thanks for the thought. I guess I could try to top this one, but there are some places I won't go. So you have the advantage on me there. You're also obviously much more experienced at this insult and anger thing than I am. And all this rage because I expressed some opinions that he doesn't agree with. Truly Hell hath no fury like a liberal Democrat disagreed with. So you win. Congratulations. All I can say in farewell is that you are one fucked up and pathological dude and that you really should get help. You can go back to diddling PalestraJon now.

  4. I rarely hit the old delete button unless someone has posted under the wrong story or something, but in this case I needed to to adhere to a strict “No talking about screwing anyone's mother” policy on the site. Sorry, but that is simply off limits (PJ-you're comment was fine but made no sense after I deleted the other ones, so I took it down too.) I have no problem with 99% of the rants on here, but I do have to draw the line before this turns into a soul sucking exercise like reading the comments on philly.com.

    1. Wow.

      Threats of physical violence are okay – unless there is some other way to construe “I'm not going to be your punching bag anymore, asshole” – but cracks about screwing someone's mother aren't?

      Yeah, that sounds fair.

      1. Let's me clear here, pal. I made no threats against you. “
        Punching bag” are your words. I was talking about your constant verbal abuse. You offer nothing but such abuse. But your conclusion does say something about your paranoia.

        1. I would say that three separate posts on the same subject is a bit much, Bob, but I'm understanding about such things. I mean, I should be more sensitive. Clearly you've been very upset since the nasty hobbit stole your precious.

  5. I wish you had left them up so that others could see Dark Horse John's “discourse” and draw their own conclusions. But you're probably right, remarks such as his only foul the air.

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