More Quizzo Stats

This is very cool. The quizzos I host on Tuesday and Wednesday are essentially the same quiz. (Sometimes I make minor corrections after O’Neals. It it’s too easy I make it harder, if it’s too hard I make it easier, but I rarely tweak more than one question.) So it’s pretty fair to compare the Jam’s scores with the Sofa Kingdom’s scores to Dorksided’s scores, etc. That’s what we’ve done here. Highest score from the four bars on Tuesday and Wednesday gets two points for a win, 2nd highest score between the 4 bars gets a single point. Points are then added up to see who the top teams are on that particular quiz. (Since we had a bit of an upheaval the past few months on Thursday, we did not do those, but we’ll start comparing Ugly American to the Bards Thursday as well.) I would like to give a HUGE shout out to John Edgar of Duane’s World, who compiled all of these stats so that we can compare scores, winning pct., etc. Here are your top ranked teams. Enjoy!

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