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I hardly ever get press releases because I’m not very important. But every once in a while I get one. This one looks kind of cool, especially for nerds who drink (This is where you come in.) Four science institutions in Philadelphia have joined forces to get science onto the bar scene. Press release after the jump.

The newest science café in town is called “Science On
Tap.” It is the hip hops creation of four of Philly’s most venerable science institutions—
The Academy of Natural Sciences, the American Philosophical Society Museum, the
Chemical Heritage Foundation, and the Wagner Free Institute of Science. Located at the
landmark National Mechanics Bar and Restaurant (22 North Third Street), “Science on
Tap” will invite leading scientists or other experts to give a brief presentation and then
launch a group discussion. In this informal setting the goal is to make science accessible,
promote lively conversation, and have fun. “Science On Tap” will convene on the second
Monday of every month and the museums will rotate responsibility for choosing the
evening’s star speaker.


The science café movement began in Leeds, England in 1998 when a local pub
decided to foment a new kind of barroom brawl—a scientific debate. The idea took off as
a unique way to advance public understanding of science. Now, there are locations from
Maine to California where, for the price of a beer or a glass of wine or a cup of coffee,
anyone can discuss scientific ideas with leading experts in their fields and learn about
developments that are changing our lives.


Monday, April 13, 2009 at 6 p.m.
Brenda Casper
“Take Some Fruit and Pass the Seeds”

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