Here’s the Dilly

As you know by now, I am headed to Puerto Rico for the week, leaving you with feelings of abandonment and disillusionment. I know, I understand. But fear not, youngsters, there will still be quizzo and there will still be action on this here site. I will post Quizzo Bowl questions on the site next week, and then post a question each day for you guys to discuss in the comments. Of course, I won’t be posting them, Trivia Art will. I won’t even have my computer on me. Che-ya! As far as quizzo is concerned, the Sandman will be hosting Tuesday at O’Neals and Bards, Mike Minion will host at the Rendezvous and the Black Sheep on Wednesday, and then Sandman will be back on Thursday at the Bards. Yeah, one quiz. We’ll be back on a regular schedule one of these days. I have a couple of meetings lined up to discuss a new Thursday spot when I get back. Hoping to be up and running on Thursdays starting in May. Alright kids, well mind the store while I’m gone and be nice to your substitute. See ya when I see ya. Woo-hoo!

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