Beer goggles a myth?

We’re all drinkers (now that the Good Dog quizzo is over), and so we are all familiar with beer goggles. They are the reason we drink, so that by the end of the night, we are no longer discerning when it comes to practicing mating. But alas, do beer goggles really exist? Researchers in England say no: Beer goggles are a fallacy and women actually seem no prettier after drinking, a study suggests.
‘There was no great difference – the men were just as undiscerning as ever,’ said Vincent Egan, the lead researcher.

Oh, so beer goggles are just an excuse we give our buddies when we go home with someone who looks like that lady from Britain’s Got Talent, and not based on fact? Not sure, because this research reached a completely different conclusion than research conducted on the same topic last year. However, both studies agreed on one thing: women do have beer goggles, as they find men more attractive after a few drinks. To which I say: “Ladies, keep drinkin’!”

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