Quizzo Bowl Tickets Go On Sale Monday!

Alright kids, here’s the latest: Tickets to Quizzo Bowl V will go on sale on Monday. They will be $25 a pop in advance, $30 a pop at the door. That includes your ticket to the event and liquid refreshment*, just like last year. As for food, the New Golden Palace will be offering Dim Sum throughout the evening. (That is not included in the ticket price.) As far as entertainment, I am working on both a band and halftime show. Will hopefully know something about the band in the next couple of days. I’m also waiting to hear back about the halftime act. In an effort to spur the economy, there is talk of prize money being bumped up a bit this year. More details to follow. Oh, and I’m still looking for a suitable South Philly locale for an afterparty. If you got any ideas, drop ’em below. Ard.

*if you know what I mean

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