Quick Notes About QBV

Just wanna answer a few questions I’ve been getting. First of all, we are going to need to maximize space, so smaller teams will be matched with teams that need a couple of people. Again, having a small team is OK, but we’re just gonna have to do some sorting around once we get there. Team maximum is 8. I am excited about the fact that it seems like a lot of teams are dressing up. I’m gonna save the first three rows for teams that dress up. If more than 15 dress up, then priority will be given to the first ones who arrive. Doors open at 5 p.m., show starts at 6 p.m. SHARP. Their will be 48 questions, 4 rounds of 12 each. The questions will be tougher than usual. I do have lots of gift certificates to give away as well, so we’ll have lots of winners. Finally, and this is very important: I will not be rapping at this event.

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