Quizzo News and Notes

GetImage.ashx.jpgSwung by the Golden Palace today and met with the manager. Very friendly, and hopefully we can do this. I am looking at possibly April 11. On March 7th and 14th Temple and/or Penn is on break, March 21 I’m in Vegas, March 28th is still a possibility, and April 4th is the Final Four. Anyways, he’s gonna get back to me with a rental rate in the next couple of days. The place is plenty big for 300 and we’d do it dim sum style, and either get kegs or do a BYO. Then we gotta find an afterparty. Connie’s Ric Rac looks booked up already. Any other South Philly ideas?

As for tonight, we kick it off at the Good Dog at 8 p.m., and the Bards at 10 p.m. See ya tonight!

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