Quick notes

Alright, kids, I’ll have the scoreboard up this afternoon. I’m running kind of slow today after staying up way too late last night going to the drag show at Bob and Barbara’s and then making the ill-fated decision of going to Lorenzo’s at 3 a.m. for a slice. Now I’m off to lunch at Mama’s, the best falafel in the world. Anyways, Monday is going to be huge. Huge, huge. Biggest day this city has seen since the Slinky was invented here. I have some pretty big announcements, including the Quizzo Bowl announcement. It looks like we’ve got a deal. Finally! So announcement on Monday, along with some other big things poppin’, including Quizzo on the TV. Keep in mind too that the Chip Chantry One Man Show (Featuring Special Guests) will be on Monday as well. It is on like a proverbial video game simian primate.

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