Pitchers and Catchers 8 Days Away For the World F****** Champions!

Man, I cannot wait. A few notes about the Phils to get you in the mood:

  • The Flying Hawaiian on FOX this morning.
  • Phils interested in Andruw Jones? The other hot former Dodger rumor? No-mahhhhh.
  • Jamie Moyer chatted with folks on ESPN yesterday. Some really interesting stuff. For example, someone asked, “How has baseball changed since you started you’re career?”
    The ballparks have gotten smaller. The implementation of QuesTec has changed the strikezone. TV has changed the game greatly. You’re really under a microscope. A lot of fundamentals have been lost in the game. It’s based more on power, home runs, and big innings. Focusing on defense and pitching, to me, is what wins baseball games. As for toughest guys to get out? J.T. Snow. I used to kid him about it. I saw him about two weeks ago and asked if he still claimed me on his taxes. Bernie Williams was a tough out. Believe it or not, Renee Gonzales, I could never get him out.

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