Oscar thoughts?

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Any of ’em you think they screwed up? Any they got right? I heard the Kate Winslet movie was slow as all get out. But Holocaust movies always get Oscars, even if they make Nazis sympathetic, like they did in The Reader. So you knew she was going to get it. And sorry, but I thought Penn had the third best performance I saw over the weekend. Shoulda gone to Langella, though Rourke woulda been fine as well. I thought it was I liked Slumdog a lot, but I wasn’t crazy about the ending. But I can see why it got Best Pic. I never did get around to seeing Benjamin Button. I understand it was a perfectly good movie, but not Best Picture Worthy. And I have to disagree with Smackdown’s assessment that Penelope Cruz is one of the best actresses going. But I didn’t see any of those Best Supporting Actress Movies, so sure, she wins. Best Supporting Actor? I only saw two films, and thought Brolin and Ledger were both terrific, but it was pretty predetermined that Ledger was gonna win. Your thoughts?

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