Late Start

Ok, long story but I was in Wilmington for the weekend, and then I left my keys at a friends house so I missed my train and had to wait two hours for the next one. Anyhow, I suspect you guys were able to somehow manage without my sharp tongued witticisms for the past few hours, though it must have been tough on you. Thoughts on the game: It was damn boring for the first 3 1/2 quarters, but the last few minutes were pretty awesome. That being said, I really can’t understand people saying it was better than last year’s Super Bowl. IT WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE. Part of the reason was because this game simply had less meaning than last year’s, with the Patriots going for a perfect season. And while Santonio Holmes was awesome, there was nothing in this game which rivaled the David Tyree catch. Finally, this was a sloppy game. There were penalties on seemingly every other play, and there was no offense at all in the 3rd quarter. Yes, it was an entertaining game, but simply not as good as last year. ANother thought: Why didn’t anybody remind Kurt Warner he still had the Greatest Receiver on the Planet Earth at some point in the first three quarters? And congrats to the Steelers for getting the memo the Eagles never did: might wanna play the safeties deep. That guy Fitzgerald is pretty good at catching the deep ball. As for the commercials, they were ok. I liked the one above, the Cash4Gold with Hammer, and the MacGuyver Pepsi ad, but none of them really blew my doors. Anyhow, I’ll post pics of last week’s winners soon.

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