2008 Quizzo Statistics!

Ok, so this is really cool. JohnniE of Duane’s World went back to last year’s scoreboard and tallied up all the wins and 2nd place finishes of the teams at all 6 quizzes, as well as the 10 high scores. He then found out how much each bar paid and came up with total earnings. Then, this morning, I went into a spreadsheet and entered the stats. However, some teams change names regularly, so I’ve had to spend a fair amount of time trying to remember what aliases certain teams have used. So a couple of teams I could be slightly off on their 2nd place finishes. But winners should be right on. If you wanna go back and doublecheck your team by pouring through last years scoreboard, feel free to. Just contact me and I can go back and change the stats. So far, I have gotten through half. So I’ll present those to you now. It’s kind of a time consuming process, so I’ll try to get the other three done either tomorrow or definitely Wednesday. This is very, very cool for us quiz nerds. Thanks again to JohnniE. Enjoy:

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