Your most humiliating loss?

With all of this talk about the 100-0 game last week, I thought I should turn it over to you guys. Please post below your most humiliating loss or the most humiliating loss your school had. I was on Bobby’s Little League baseball team, the one that gave up 39 runs in the first inning. We went 0-15 that year, and never lost by less than 10. But there was one game when we were up in the last inning when the umpire called it off due to rain with two outs, so we had to replay the whole game and lost the replayed game 15-1. I also played on a terrible JV basketball team. We lost to Central Middle School 72-7. I remember that I led the team in scoring that day with 3 points. We also lost to Arcadia’s JV team, 57-4. Then there was the Rock Academy team, a supposedly Christian school that kept the full court press on the whole game and beat us 93-25. We played them again a few months later on our home court and held a 48-46 lead with 5 seconds left to play. Then a kid who hadn’t played for them when they beat us by 68 hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to beat us, 49-48. That was probably my most devastating loss.

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